[USS Vanguard] Damn He's Good.

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 23:02:45 +0100

Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Briefing Room, Sickbay.
Time: After "All hell to break lose" (Kadian & Kieran).

Subject: Damn He's Good.

[USS Vanguard; Sickbay]
  Droin and Mandrake beamed back directly to sickbay where Droin
  immediately tended to her patient.

  "Perhaps you should get some restraints put on her."

  She looked at Mandrake.

  "This is a medical facility, Cynan, not a prison."

  "I'm going back to the bridge. See you later.", he snorted.

  "You do that" she said without looking towards him as she carried on
  treating the Aldorian.

[USS Vanguard]
  As he walked to, and then waiting in, the turbo lift, until it
  arrived at the bridge, he got too thinking about how their guests
  didn't show up on their sensor grid and how hard it would ten be to
  get a fix on their location.

  He tapped his communication badge and asked for Vogel.

  "Cynan to Lt. Vogel. Come in."

  "Vogel here."

  "Our guests don't seem to show up on sensors. Perhaps it might be a
   wise idea to inject them with some sort of tracking device?"

  "Yes and I'm working on it right now."

  "Damn you're good. Cynan out."

  Getting Droin to agree though, might be another matter altogether.
  Just then the turbo lifts doors opened and he stepped out onto the

[USS Vanguard; Bridge]
  "Mr Mandrake, welcome back", The Captain greeted him.

  "Thank you, sir.... what are you doing!? I told you to hold her
   steady!", he burst out to Valentine.

  "'She'", Valentine started, always fascinated with the male
  inclination to associate everything they owned as being female, "is

  "She's off by .2 of a degree, MJ - oh may I call you that?", he said
  changing tone mid-sentence.

  "Er, sure" she replied, giving a 'what!?' look to The Captain.

  The Captain just smiled and chuckled to himself. "Good to have you
  back, Cynan."

  "It's good to be back, sir."

[To Be Continued...]

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