[USS Vanguard] Cynan, Part II.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
USS Vanguard.
After "Cynan, Part I" (Jonathon/Jaav and myself).

Subject: Cynan, Part II.

OoC. For those of you that have known my character since I joined the
Vanguard then I am not sure how much of Cynan's past you all remember from
when I posted a Chronicle of him being in prison, to the various snippets
here and there in other posts, but here it is, it all finally explained. For
those of you who don't know anything then it's not that important because
again, it's all here. Now maybe you see why he's a 'psychotic' (as Alexa put
it). Enjoy.

[Snip from "Cynan, Part I" (Jonathon/Jaav and myself)"] Jaav disappeared
down the corridor. Cynan remained stood stone still. His fists tightly
clenched, nails digging into his palms...

That night Cynan did not get any sleep. He stayed up right through the night
with only his thoughts and a bottle for comfort. He was had been thinking
constantly about what Jaav had said, over and over again. That, his offer of
promotion and of Xristha. They were all each intermixed and added a further
complication to the nightmares that rages inside his head.

"=^= Assistant Counselor Moore to Lt. Cmdr. Jaav E'thexx. Come in Lt. Cmdr."

"=^= Jaav here. What is it, Moore?", Jaav said rubbing his eyes. It was just
barely 06:00 in the morning.

"=^= It's Lt. Cmdr. Mandrake, sir, he's in the ISH chair!" 

OoC. ISH by the way stands for Interactive Subconscious Holotherapy from a
previous post of Jonathon's, where by a subconscious patients thoughts can
be manifested into a holographic simulation that can be then watched by
doctors etc to help each party learn more about the patients issues so that
they can be worked out.

"=^= I'm on my way!" Jaav exclaimed throwing of the bed covers and darting
up. He then shot back sharply on his heal, placing the covers back over Zena
Quetan and kissing her head softly before chucking on his clothes and
running to sickbay's holotheory suite."

"What's his status?" Jaav asked immediately as he entered the room.

"He's taken a sedative whilst intoxicated and just about to enter R.E.M.

"Can we bring him out of it? Where's Dr. Droin?"

"Yes. Dr. Droins is dealing with another patient. Shall I disturb her?"

"Is he in any immediate danger?" Jaav asked as the holographic simulation
was beginning to materialise in the form next door.

"No. His vitals signs are slightly high but are within tolerance."

"Keep watching them and yes, get Dr. Droin. I'm going in."

[Sickbays' Holosuite]
"Cynan what were you thinking" Jaav mumbled to himself as the photons began
bouncing around the rooms walls and the images appeared.

Jaav found himself in a beach. He looked to sun and figured it had just
passed noon. He was about to look out to the sea and smell the air when he
noticed them. Cynan and a woman was walking hand-in-hand just ahead. If
noticed how they walked bare feet yet the hot sand did not seem to bother
them, for they were too wrapped up in each other, laughing and joking, deep
in love with one another. Jaav could not help but think of Zena and him.

The next thing Jaav knew he was in a field with tall grass was up to his
waist. He heard laughing from behind. It was Cynan - and the women.

"Oh Catherine, I love you so much", Cynan told her, looking into her eyes.

"I love you too" she said to him back.

The scene suddenly shifted again. He was now on a ship - a star ship, and in
the engineering section at that. Cynan walked passed and in front of him
towards several schematics on the wall. Oddly, Catherine was not far behind.
It seemed that wherever he was, she was too. It seemed whatever was going on
in Cynan's mind; she was clearly a common factor.

Jaav looked down and tapped his PADD to note that he should look up this
Catherine at a later date. He looked up to find himself back in the field.
The sun had gone down and the moon risen. Wherever they were night had

"You were brilliant today", Cynan told Catherine. The two of them were
laying down in an area of the tall grass that had been flattened down by
their body weights.

"Me? It was your idea!", Catherine responded sitting up, eyes glistening in
the moon light.

"Yeah, but I couldn't have done it without you."

The two smiled and after Catherine had lowered over Cynan, the two locked
their lips and kissed passionately.

"What do you suppose it will be used for?", Catherine asked Cynan casually
as a star shot across the sky.

"I don't know. A weapon I guess."

"A weapon?", Catherine asked, a line of worry stretching across her brow as
she clutched her stomach.

"A weapon" Cynan repeated, placing a hand on hers as the same line appeared
on him.

As most designers, engineers and inventers, they had never thought out the
applications of their work. All that they had known was an idea, a problem,
and they had been asked to solve it, to make it happen. So, what would it be
used for, what would the consequences be that would unfold and would they be
able to live with it? Could Einstein over the atom bomb? Something had to be

"Something had to be done!" Catherine shouted slammed a fist onto a table
top. Cynan was at her side, two other officers sitting opposite.

"But we can't! We'll be court marshalled!" one of the officers said.

"It doesn't matter", Cynan said shaking his head. "Our child's future is all
that does" he said looking at Catherine. "Everyone's child's..."

"Agreeing in principle is not the same as in practice", the other officer

"Look you two don't have to be involved. We just need you to.. turn a blind

"Please.." Catherine said trying to reach out to them.

The just officers looked to one another and nodded. "Alright., but if you
get caught, we can't guarantee anything."

The plan was simple. To sabotage the phase device so that the tests would
fail. If the tests failed then the project would lose it's funding and thus
be closed down and abandoned. One less threat to be unleashed upon an
unsuspecting universe.

Klaxons started sounding and people started running. Cynan's vital shot up
almost immediately.

"=^= All personal please make your way to the escape pods.", the ships
computer rang out.

"Abandon ship! Abandon ship!" cried the crew as their holographic images ran
through Jaav, out of Engineering and to the pods.

He turned sharply at Cynan's cry to see him to reach Engineering.

"Caatheriine!!!" he shouted, but the force of the crew running away from
Engineering and to the pods kept pushing him back and further away. His
vitals now almost reaching critical.


"=^= Dr E'thexx, Lt. Cmdr. Mandrake's vitals are dangerous high."

"=^= Acknowledged. Is Dr Droin here yet?."

"=^= No sir."

"=^= Get her now!"

"=^= Aye, aye, sir."


The next thing Jaav knew was that Cynan and him was in a pod and it was
ejected into space. Cynan tapped his comm. badge repeatedly but it was no
good, all lines were down and there was no way of reaching Catherine
anymore. Cynan sat back in his seat, sweat running down his neck, hoping,
praying that she would make it out alive. That's when it happened.

There was a blinding light followed by a rupture of the ships hull. A fire
ball burst from the ships belly as the ship exploded and a ripple was sent
through space and hit the few pods that had been jettisoned in time. 

"Caaatherinee!!" Cynan shouted again jumping forward yet being jolted back
by the pods restraints around his shoulders. The debris cloud closed in and
the ship was gone. 

Jaav, now standing inside of the pod, saw a single tear roll down Cynan's
face. What had he done.

The scene flickered and the pod vanished. Cynan's restraints designed to
keep him safe when the pod ejected, changed to restraints to protect others
that could be around him. In other words, to chains.

"What in the world.." Jaav thought to himself as a big'ish man with black
gloves moved past him and towards Cynan. If Jaav had to guess, he would have
guessed that he was a hired thug, but surely not, not in this day and age?

The big man, as Jaav was using to denote him in his mind, swung at Cynan and
hit him hard in the ribs. The man repeated, again, and again, and then once
or twice to the face before pulling away.  
With each hit Cynan had jolted, both in the simulation and in the chair next

"Tell us what we want to know, Cynan and we will let you go.", a thin tall
dark man spoke from within the shadows of the opposite side of the room.

"Tell us how you solved the fluctuation and we will let you live!"

"Go to hell" Cynan spat back, his eye and nose bloodied, dripping down to
the floor.

The tall man resigned from the room. The big man followed, leaving Cynan to
chained and hung to the wall. Jaav just stood in silence, not knowing what
to think or how barbaric a place could even exist.

"Cynan", Jaav spoke, knowing his subconscious could hear him. "Where are

At that moment the scene froze and began playing in reverse. It played
slowly at first but it soon speeded up at incredible pace, Cynan's mind
replaying his memories for Jaav to see. Then it stopped. Stopped at the
point he was being dragged in to the compound.

"You're in a prison." Jaav said, and the images flicked into fast forward
back to where they had left off and beyond.

"Stop!" Jaav shouted as he saw two men come in and out of the room in terror
at high speed. A third now entered and as the images began to play at normal
speed Jaav could see what was going on.

'Tell me how you solved the fluctuation' a voice echoed around the room.
What was that? Jaav wondered, and then he realised. This man was a telepath
and he was hearing the thoughts between him and Cynan.

'Tell me how you solved the fluctuation and I won't hurt you to much'

Cynan's head lifted his left eye still and nose still bloodied, his right
looking as black as night and enough to pierce thought the darkness souls.

"No, you can't", the telepath called, "Stop it!" he said. "I can't take it,
stop it now!". Another few seconds and the telepath screamed and ran out of
the room. Cynan smirked in satisfaction, lowered his head back down to where
it had being hanging naturally, his arms still pulled up behind him chained
to the wall.

"What is he doing to them?" a colleague said to the tall man as they walked
back into the room.

"What he was trained to do. When he detects another mind inside his own,
focus on the darkness that we showed him, that we forced him to hold inside
for such a situation. Forcing the telepath to live it too. It was thought
that if our enemies learned of what we were trying to do and had captured
him, it was the best defence. Bring in the doctor!"

The tall man clicked his fingers another man entered. The other man looked
like a surgeon and carried with him a syringe filled with a green liquid.

"Get away from mee!!" Cynan screamed. The big man came back and slammed his
arm across Cynan's windpipe, allowing the surgeon to do his work.

"It will take a few minutes for the serine do it do its work" the Doctor

"Excellent. You may go.", the tall man said waving the surgeon out.

"Now. Tell us how you solved the fluctuation Cynan. Tell us all that you

"NOOO!" Cynan screamed.

"Tell us!" the tall man pushed.

"Ca.. Cath.. Ca... rine did it..", Cynan finally managed to get out, the
serine now taking effect.

"Where is this Catherine!?" demanded the tall man to his colleague.

"She was killed when the Pegasus blew, sir."

"Aaargh !!!! Throw him in the hold!" the tall man burst out clenching his

"For how long sir?"

"INDEFINATELY!" the tall man shouted out as he stormed out the room slamming
the door shut behind him.


OoC. Going to switch to more Cynan's point-of-view now so I can write a bit
more about what is going on rather then just what Jaav can see.

The thing is, what he didn't know, was that although Cynan's answer had
technically been correct, Catherine had merely sparked off the solution in
Cynan's head, and he did in fact know the answer that the tall man was

OoC. The Chronicle that I wrote entitled 'The Darkest Days' fits in here.

'The Hold' as it was known was at the edge of the prisons courtyard. It was
room no bigger then a large dog's kennel and had no light and no comforts.
The only time he saw light was when one of the cook's assistances came to
deliver his food. That is, until the incident...

As the door creaked open a beam of light shot in causing Cynan to hold his
hands out and attempt to block it out. His eyes were not used to it and it
hurt to see it. As soon as the smell of food hit nose he shot up faster then
they gave him credit. He reached out and rather then take in the tray,
pulled in the cook by his arm. A scream later, an electrocuted cattle prod
(or equivalent) pressed again Cynan's torso causing him to shake violently,
and the assistant was pulled out, blood dripping from his arm with piece
missing to match Cynan's mouth. After that the door was slammed shut and not
opened for weeks, maybe even months or years. Scraps of food pushed in
through a hatch. There was no telling how long had passed when the day came
to finally let him out.

After being cleaned up and well secured he was brought before the warden. It
seems that the old one had long since left and as for 'the tall man', gone
back to whatever dark project he had been assigned to next.

"Did you enjoy your bath? I should think you must be rather pleased to no
longer be smelling of your own excrement."

"What, no thank you?" the warden continued.

"What do you want." Cynan said finally. He throat coarse and dry.

"I have a proposition for you Mr... Mandrake, isn't it?"

"What do you want." Cynan said again.

"Yes of' course I will get straight to the point. I have a spot of bother
with another one of the inmates and I thought if you could do something for
me then I could do something for you?"

"What do you want." Cynan said again.

"Damn it" said the warden slamming a hand on his desk. "Don't you want to
get out of that box you have been living in for the past 2 years?"

"2 years?!" Cynan mumbled to himself, looking up at the warden.

"It's simple. Take care of Mr Mullins for me and shall be rewarded" the
warden said tugging at his collar. He was taking a gamble but Mr Mullins was
making his life hell and as he had the support of the other inmates he was
practically untouchable by his staff - no matter how brutal they were.

"I'll think about it" replied Cynan turning away.

"See that you do. That'll be all", the warden said convincing himself that
he was still in control.


"Warden! We have an incident! Come quickly!" a guard burst out running into
the wardens office.

"Oh what is it now, Huntington!" the warden replied standing up from his
desk and following the officer.

"Holy hell" said the warden as he walked out onto the balcony overlooking
the courtyard and covering up his mouth.

Cynan was over in the free weights section on the yard slumped up against a
wall. Mullins rested beside him, albeit his head was on top of a benches

"Get these prisoners back in their cells!" cried the warden. "And get that,
thing back in the hold!"

Although Cynan received maltreatment from the guards, he didn't put up a
fight. The only thing he did was glance up to the warden who he saw smirking
as he turned away back into his office.

Two months later and later was lying in a standard issue prison bed, cleaned
and shaven and with his own TV. Not even all the richest prisoners had their
own TVs. The only condition was to make sure that no trouble makers ever
rose up against the warden. Sort them out, and Cynan's life was from now on
a breeze.


It had been a typical day. The morning had been spent working in the
workshops making parts for fuel injectors and now they were all having lunch
in the canteen.

"I hear you're the guy that I've got to bust up in here to be in charge" a
prisoner grunted at Cynan.

"Hey, I'm speaking to you maggot!" the prisoner repeated when Cynan did
nothing but continue to eat.

A second later and Cynan's fork was in the prisoners hand holding it to the
table. Standing up Cynan grabbed the prisoner by the throat and began to
squeeze. He pulled out the fork from the man's hands and kicked out his knee
pushing the prisoner down hard onto the floor.

"Pleeease.. don't..." the prisoner begged. "I didn't mean.."

Cynan was not in the habit of showing mercy but today something unexpected
happened. Today the an incident had happened in the wardens personal life at
home and his 8 year old daughter had been brought in to be with him. See
however had not done as she had been told and having gone off to explore,
now found herself looking down upon the fight in the canteen.

"Elaina! Come away from there!" the warden called out grabbing onto her
shoulders and looking into the canteen at what she was so interested in. It
seems she was not the only one interested as Cynan had caught her gaze and
remained locked in eye contact until she was pulled away by her father.

Then the sirens sounded and the guards ran in. Cynan was pulled up and both
he and the prisoner that he had assaulted escorted back to their cells. The
other prisoners were allowed to continue with their meals.

A few weeks later and Cynan had been called in the warden's office. Cynan
had requested a meeting and only now had been scheduled in.

"What can I do for you, Mr Mandrake?" the warden asked folding his arms on
his desk.

"I want parole", responded Cynan.

"Pa.. parole??" the warden laughed almost choking on his tea.

"That or I get someone to visit your daughter."

"You what?" the warden said sharply staring at Cynan.

"You see it's ironic that by helping you this past year I have also helped
many of the inmates in here that have since been released. I'm sure they
would be willing to repay the favours that I've done for them."

"Do not threaten me!!!"

"It's not a threat. It's a promise. Parole, or visit." Cynan confirmed.

The warden's eyes narrowed. He knew that this character could do what he
said, but could he trust him? Could he even get him parole even if he tried?
To say that he would have to pull strings was an understatement.

"If I do this then you must swear that I or my daughter will never see you
or one of your associates again. Do we have a deal?" the warden asked.

"We do" replied Cynan, and with that, he stood up and left.


The scene then changed to that of cliff. Cynan was standing at the top with
the wind blowing through his hair. It was long, just past the tops of his
shoulders. In the sky there were two moons, one slowly circling the other.
If Jaav had to guess he would guess that this was Cynan's home. This was

A figure then appears as if out of no where, however there is trouble
forming its shape. At first Jaav thinks that it is She'Ra, but then it
changes to what looks like the Doctor. Yes, it's Xristha thinks Jaav.

As she approaches Cynan he holds out his hand to her and then embraced. At
least Cynan seems happy in his dream. The nightmares over.

Then in the corner of Cynan's eye there is Catherine. At first he is pleased
to see her but then it starts. Blood begins to drop down the right side of
her face, the left changes to be disfigured. Her hand clutches her stomach
which also starts to seep blood and her legs are replaced by mechanical

There was then a blinding light followed by a rupture of the ships hull. A
fire ball burst from the ships belly as the ship exploded and a ripple was
sent through space and hit the few pods that had been jettisoned in time. 

"Caaatherinee!!" Cynan shouted again jumping forward yet being jolted back
by the pods restraints around his shoulders. The debris cloud closed in and
the ship was gone.

His vitals had settled before but now they were up again and rising fast.
His heart pounding, sweat formulating and rolling off every ounce of his
skin. The scene flicked again, back to the cliff top. The image of Catherine
had gone but in his moment of madness he had done something terrible.
Xristha no longer filled with life was slumped in his arms. Cynan let her go
and fall to the ground with a thud. He looked as his hands. There was blood
on them. Xristha's blood and the blood of Catherine, their unborn and all
the others that he had killed on that fateful day. He clutched his head and
hair screaming as he pulled great chunks out. 

"Cynan. Listen to me." Jaav jumped in. "Relax and go to a place where you
feel comfortable."

After a moment Cynan's breather became less erratic and his heart rate

"Cynan, where are you now?" Jaav asked as the room was complete blackness.

"Cynan? Where are you?" Jaav repeated as Cynan had not answered.

"I am at peace. I am dead" he finally answered softly. His heart rate
dropping way below normal and continuing to drop.

"Alright Cynan. You are back on the Vanguard. You are totally relaxed and
feel happy."

Jaav sensing that they were practically at the end of Cynan's traumas and
what it was that he was actually scared of (being the killer that he thought
he was and doing harm to those that he loved) decided that the experiment
was becoming far too dangerous and began to bring Cynan round.

[To Be Continued...]

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