[USS Vanguard] Cynan, Part I.

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Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx and Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
USS Vanguard
After "Ch-ch-changes" (Andy).

Subject: Cynan, Part I.

OoC. O'kay everyone. Jonathon and I wanted to do something a little
different so please read the following and well, if you'd like it then great
and if not, let us know :S I will be writing up part II of this over the
next few days which will finally explain (well at least in part) what
happened with Cynan in his 'missing years'. Enjoy..

Jaav made his way down the corridor, grinning to himself.  He'd already
checked with the Computer, he knew exactly where Zena was, he was on his way
to congratulate her on her promotion and new role alone. Although as
thrilled as he was for her, he couldn't help but worry that she might have
even less free time than she seemed to now.

Jaav continued, walking quite quickly, he would have reached Zena's quarters
in a few seconds if it hadn't have been for Cynan Mandrake storming around
the corridor and slamming into his shoulder for the second time that week.
Startled as they practically bounced from each other, Jaav recovered and
tried to pick up with Cynan where things had last left off.

"Allow me to congratulate you on the proposition of your new role Cynan, we
never did go for that drink, the bloodwine remember?  Perhaps now would be
an ideal time, to celebrate?"

"I don't drink."

"Well I make a mean glass of water" Jaav replied smiling.

"Look, what is it that you want?" Cynan said, his mood changing from that of
smiles to full blown aggression. He had a fair bit on his mind.

Although Cynan's behaviour seemed completely confusing, considering how he
should be in better spirits after his offer of promotion to Acting Second
Officer, a part of Jaav was not surprised. Quite simply, Cynan Mandrake was
an enigma. After a moment Jaav replied.

"I thought we could talk."

"About what? The weather? The little escapade that you were privy to a few
weeks back or perhaps you want to know what really goes on up here?" he said
tapping his head violently with his finger. "Or perhaps you'd like me to
tell you all about the sealed parts in my file. I bet it just kills you not
to know, doesn't it. Doesn't it!"

"You give yourself more credit then you're due" Jaav responded calmly.

"You know people have died for what's in that file. You'd do well to
remember that."

Jaav simply looked at Cynan. Gently staring into his eyes. He knew this, he
knew what would happen if he answered. Any response, however well crafted
and diplomatic would anger Cynan. Quite simply because Cynan's anger was not
with Jaav, but something else.

"Don't do that" Cynan snapped back at Jaav as he swung around on his heels
and began walking off.

"What scares you more Cynan?"  The question was almost childish, but Jaav
knew exactly what kind of response it would generate, and for now it was the
one he needed to reach Cynan.

"I beg your pardon, Counsellor?"

"I asked what scares you more?" Jaav said folding his arms, fighting fire
with fire.  

"I would be very careful Jaav, you may be the ship's Counsellor, but right
now I don't care WHO you are."

If he was honest, Jaav was a little uneasy. He was fully aware of Mr.
Mandrake's potential to be hostile. He was gambling. He was playing the
game, bluffing his hand.  Whatever he did it was important that Mandrake
thought that Jaav knew exactly what he was doing.

"Does it scare you more that I might learn about what's...in there?" Jaav
said tapping at his own head. "Or does it scare you more that you might have
to learn more?"

"Don't play games with me Jaav" Cynan said through gritted teeth. "Why don't
you just relieve me of duty and order me to come to one of your Counselling
sessions?!". Cynan's tone was bitter with sarcasm.

"Because you have to WANT to Cynan. This has gone on long enough. You can't
tell me after today that there's nothing wrong. We both know that's not
true. I've cleared all my appointments tomorrow morning but I'll still be in
my office." Jaav began to walk away, but continued to speak as he did. "It's
your choice Cynan, if you want to try and come to a resolution you know
where to find me. If not, I'll never bring this up again."

Jaav disappeared down the corridor. Cynan remained stood stone still. His
fists tightly clenched, nails digging into his palms...

[To Be Continued...]

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