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Andy...can you post the addendum at the ends of these on the web site. 
Hopefully in six month's or year's time there will be another entry.
Setting: Sickbay

Authors: Cynan Mandrake & Xristha Droin


?Quite a troublemaker in his youth.? Xristha smiled as she continued reading 
more about Mandrake. One of the things she always enjoyed about crew physicals 
was the time she had to catch up on crew records. She turned off the screen as 
the flight control officer entered her office.


?Hey there. You?re just in time.? She stood up and led him to the private 
examination room. ?Truthfully, I wasn?t going to start without you.?


She picked up her first instrument and began to take readings. ?Anything in 
particular I should know about?? She asked while reading the output.


Mandrake snorted and cricked his neck. "Not really". 

 "Oh?" Xristha replied. 

 "I'm fine. Really". 

 "It doesn't look like it!" she exclaimed as she examined his left wrist. "My 
instruments show that you've recently broke your wrist in three places". 

 "It was just a scratch.?

 Droin looked into Mandrakes eyes. "What happened? Did She'Ra heal these for 
you? You both should have told me". 

 "It was nothing. Really. Just an accident I had in the holo?" he paused, 
following the conversation through to conclusion in his mind he that he was 
about to let slip that his recreational time in the holodeck was less then 

 "In the holo?" Xristha prompted. 

 "In.. with, the holophote. I was putting up a light for She'Ra when I fell 
down and landed on my wrist at a bad angle.". He went on, now more confident 
with his cover story. "She'Ra was there and dealt with the situation. There was 
really nothing to come to you about. Are we done!?"

 Xristha smiled. ?Torture?s over. Next time come to me. They pay me for these 
things?Speaking of payment,? She handed a PADD to Mandrake. ?All that?s left is 
for you to authorize so I can send you my bill.?


She took the PADD back and set it down. ?I also have to give my advertisement 
pitch. Please don?t stop me, I memorized it?and I?ve done it quite a few times 
at this point.? She breathed in, ?Mental health is just as important as 
physical health. On board this ship we offer a wide array of mental health 
services, including ways to relax and take your mind off your stressful work in 
addition to our own on site counseling staff. If you have the opportunity to 
talk with our counseling staff I would highly recommend it. I wouldn?t want to 
see you down here talking to yourself.? She smiled and walked out.


Xristha walked into her office and sat at her desk. ?Computer, begin medical 
addendum to Lt. Cmdr. Cynan Mandrake?s crew record.? The familiar chime of the 
computer designated its readiness. ?Lt. Cmdr. Cynan Mandrake is in top physical 
health. While hesitant to seek medical intervention, it is the Chief Medical 
Officer?s opinion that this is not life endangering.? She paused and thought to 
herself ~in the event it does become life endangering, the log will be 
changed,~ ?End addendum. Send copy to Captain Santos and request follow up by 
Counselor Jaav E?thexx.?

Captain Natalia Bykov-Trevelyan PhD MD
USS Kaleh [Dagger] - Valdore Class

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