[USS Vanguard] Crash and Burn

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Lt. Commander Zena Quetan
USS Vanguard
Following on from "it mocks the meat it feeds on"

Zena approached the doors to the Bridge, as the computer was still not 
responding she had to manually open the doors herself

She opened the panel and pulled the lever, a small crack appeared in the door, 
although not enough to see through

She slipped her fingers into the gap and grasped each side firmly, stood in a 
firm stance she pulled the doors apart

As the gap in the door widened a striking white light shot out and surrounded 

"Zena....Zena!!" a male voice bellowed with a hint of panic

Sparks flew and alarms beeped frantically

Zena frowned at the view screen, the shuttle was hurtling towards the planets 
surface, her hands flew over the controls desperately trying to retake control, 
but the surface was getting closer and closer...

"Brace for impact!" the voice bellowed once more

Zena gritted her teeth and prepared to steady the shuttle 

"Computer end training program" Professor Lohan commanded

The shuttle disappeared and in it's place the standard black and yellow grid 
background of the holoroom replaced it

"Damn it!" Zena shouted 

The other Cadet stood timidly in the background 

"If that had been a real scenario you would of just been responsible for 
killing yourself and your crew mates Cadet, not to mention anyone that was 
possibly on the planet surface" Professor Lohan said sternly with a superior 
tone to his voice

Lohan was not a well liked Professor at the Academy, he had a reputation for 
being a pompous, self righteous ogre.

He was a strange looking man, at 6ft 5 tall, and the build of a bean pole, 
shaggy grey hair and narrow eyes that were a hollow dark brown. It was no 
wonder some Cadets feared him.

Zena was not one of them.

"Even the best pilots in the galaxy couldn't of gotten themselves out of that 
situation, almost every system failed! and besides you terminated the program 
so how do you know I wouldn't have pulled off an amazing crash landing?!" Zena 
snapped back

Professor Lohan scowled at her "Improve or fail...The choice is yours" 

With that he spun round and exited

Zena stormed out shortly afterwards leaving the poor timid Cadet just stood 
there afraid to move

She was mumbling just what she thought of Lohan to herself

She marched down the corridor and round the corner not paying attention at all 
to where she was going or what was in front of her, she bumped into another 
Cadet at full force knocking his bag to the floor and almost him if he hadn't 
of managed to balance himself.

The contents of his bag were now scattered across the floor

"Oh wow I'm so sorry!" Zena said as she scrambled to the floor picking up the 
Cadet's belongings and placing them back into the bag, she hadn't actually 
looked at the Cadet yet

"Take it you're having a bad day?" the familiar voice asked

Zena looked up and smiled "Nick!" 

The warm face of Dominic Santos looked back at her, he reached out a hand to 
help Zena up

She placed her hand in his and pulled herself up, she handed him his bag back.

"Lohan... need I say anymore?" She said answering his question

Nick frowned "No, that explains everything...And I have just the cure!" 

Zena raised one eyebrow "And what would that be?"

"Why alcoholic beverages of course" Nick grinned

Zena shook her head and laughed "You're a bad influence you know that?"

"I thought that was one of the reasons you liked me so much?" Nick replied 

"Maybe it is" Zena grinned linking arms with him

 They started walking in the direction of their favourite bar...
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