[USS Vanguard] Compadre!

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Author: Xristha Droin, MD
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Setting: Boca Paila, Mexico


Roch walked to his chair, "Puedo ayudarse senor?" asked a female voice 
behind him. Roch didnt fell much like smiling but he smiled at her, "Si, 
Quiero un Bebe, Que es su favorito?" he asked her. She giggled and blushed. 
"Mi favorite es la pina colada senor," she replied. Roch smiled at her, "Si, 

She smiled and walked away from him to fill his order. Roch looked up and 
noticed the doctor. He walked over "Hola senorita!" he greeted her.

<end snip>

?¡Buenos Dias!? Xristha smiled. ?You?ve managed to hear the extent of my 
linguistic ability in Spanish?and even that I just learned from?? She 
pointed to the Latin stud behind the bar. ??from him.? She smiled and sipped 
her drink.

The cabana boy / bartender winked at her.

?So what brings you to Mexico Mr. Chase?? Xristha asked setting her e-novel 

Shrugging Roch looked out at the ocean. ?Needed some time off the ship, saw 
that you beamed down, thought it might be interesting.?

The doctor?s mix of heritages caused her to have strong reactions (Romulan), 
centered on passion for life (Betazoid) and express them freely (Bandi). ?I 
didn?t know that Intelligence Officers were so abrupt. I thought you were 
more like?what?s the saying?...wall fruit??

Roch chuckled, ?It?s wall flower and we are and I don?t think I meant to say 
what I said. I mean I meant to say what I said I just didn?t mean it that 
way.? He continued to look out at the ocean rather than Xristha.

She smiled, ?I think I get it.?

The young Mexican girl returned with Chase?s drink and set it on the table 
between the two.

?So seriously, what brings you to Mexico.? Xristha asked looked at him 
intently this time.

Tag Roch and anyone else - there's a big beach :)

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