[USS Vanguard] Re: Communications down to less the 50%

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 21:23:55 +0100

Lt. Highwaij Chief Communications Officer
Event Horizon / Bridge
After: Rule of Aquisition# 109: Sometimes Patience can bring Profit

After Highwaij had send the right code, they waited for the response from
Hearth II,
which followed shortly afther together with a warning.
Highwaij walked to the Tactical station and looked at the auto-defence

At the same time Highwaij walke to the Tactical station the Vanguard started
to shake,
all officers jumped back to their station.
Then Engineering reported a virus from the cargo bay with a Ferengi

Highwaij checked his station
"Captain, I've lost all communications with the awayteam together with all
long range communications, only internal and short range commuincations are

Santos turned around "Every-one check you're station, Highwaij get on it"

"Got it" Highwaij said as he took a small kit from below the communications
and opened one of the panels. " Ops reroute power from sub section 16
conduit 14
to conduit 23 section 16."

"Got it" a voice said from Ops.

Highwaij almost got inside the station as he layed down on the floor and
onlt his legs where still visble
whille he worked on the communcations station


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