[USS Vanguard] Cold War part 1

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OOC:  this story is what Soman does on his year away.(Doens't Soman know how to 
just take it easy?! sheesh)  Hope you enjoy. 

Christopher Jackson

Landing hard on the floor, Sohmr quickly wiped the sweat from his brow.  Toloa 
was good; better than she had let on.  

?Where?d you get that from??  Sohmr asked, surprised from the move.
?I?ve been practicing,? responded Toloa, the sound of triumph in her voice.

Sohmr noted with  amusement the devious grin on her deceptively cherubic face.  
She was holding all the cards. She had the upper position and Sohmr was on the 
floor.  She had him right where she wanted him.  Sohmr looked up and matched 
her grin with one of his own.  

With a sweep, Sohmr began his comeback.  His leg sweeping her feet forward from 
under her, Toloa rolled with it.  She landed on her back; legs straight and 
over her and quickly kicked herself back to a standing position.  As she did 
this, Sohmr resumed his own fighting stance.  He was not kept waiting.  A 
flurry of kicks came his way.  Toloa attempted again to throw her opponent off 
balance.  As she came in with her punch, Sohmr caught her arm to take her down. 

Toloa, again rolled with the move, flipping and twisting in his grasp, gaining 
leverage over Sohmr.  Before he knew it, she was behind him with his arms 
locked.  She hadn?t taken his strength into account, however.  Sohmr let out an 
animal yell as he lunged forward.  Gaining enough momentum, and using her for 
leverage, Sohmr ran up the wall and flipped over her.  His predicament now was 
hers as he held her arms locked. As she struggled against his grasp, a voice 
went off behind them.

?It is now lowlite.  The work day is ended and homeward should we go.?

The students staring in silence  at the fight were suddenly snapped back to 
reality.   Sohmr smiled.   He?d accomplished what he?d set out to do.  This 
should keep em coming.

Sohmr turned towards his students.  ?Okay people.  Remember to practice your 
throws like I showed you and your elbow thrusts.  There?ll be tests next 

Toloa wiggled, still in Sohmr?s grasp, ?Can I go too?  This is real cozy and 
all but it?s starting to get uncomfortable.?

Sohmr thought if over for a few seconds.  ?Okay, but I just want to make  it 
clear that the combat is over.?

Toloa twisted around, an indignant look on her face.  ?So what are you saying?  
I fight dirty or something?? she asked.

Sohmr released her from his grasp and went through the farewells to his 
students.  ?Yep, that?s exactly what I?m saying.  I?ve known you too long to 
thing anything else.?

Toloa playfully swiped at him as he stepped away.  ?You?ve know me  4 and a 
half months; ever since you opened this dojo in town.  Just because I was your 
first student, doesn?t give you that much insight.  Sohmr gave Toloa a half 
lidded glance, ?Well, am I wrong?!

Toloa coyly looked away, wiping the sweat from her ridged forehead.  ?That?s 
not important now, the combat?s done.  Let?s clean up.? 

Sohmr laughed to himself.

?Oh, by the way,? Toloa added, ?I won?t be able to make it to class tomorrow.  
I have a lot of stuff at the facility to finish up.?

?You?ve been caught up more and more there, as of late,? Sohmr noted.  ?What?s 
the big secret??

Toloa walked over to the equipment closet. ?If I told you that, I?d have to 
kill you.  Don?t worry.  Don?t I always make it up??

?Yes, this is true.  You?re my best student/teacher.  Hey,here?s an idea.  Let 
me buy you a cup of quiffii.  You can just give me hints about what you?re up 
to.  That way you only have to beat me up.

Toloa brought out that devious grin she?d perfected under Sohmr?s tutelage, ?As 
tempting as that sounds, I have to pass.  I?ve got a late night session to put 
in and if I don?t go now, I?ll be late.?

Grabbing her gear she moved to Sohmr and kissed him on the cheek.  Before she 
moved, she whispers in his ear, ??But don?t think that lets you off the hook 
mr.  If things go right, in the next few days, I?ll be treating you to quiffii. 
. .among other things.?

Toloa winked , turned and left the dojo for Sohmr to finish cleaning.  An hour 
passed and Sohmr finished cleaning and closing the dojo, Toloa heavy on his 
mind. Turning the lights out and locking the door, Sohmr proceeded to his next 
point of business.

He rubbed his inside left wrist gingerly.  Tapping it once then twice quickly, 
Sohmr heard an all too familiar sound.  Sohmr looked around the dojo.  All was 
quiet and still.  After this final check, Sohmr proceeded through the wall.  It 
still struck him; the stark contrast of the white ornate wooden walls of the 
dojo and the gray metal techno spartan bulkheads he now stood in.  Sohmr walked 
down the corridor, tapping his wrist again to reestablish the force field.  
Rubbing the ridges on his forehead, Sohmr stepped intro his office.  The less 
than impressive room was more like a cell.  There were a couple of readouts on 
the side wall.  A desk sat against the far wall.  On the other side was a small 
bed with footlocker underneath.  Next to it, a replicator booth.  The desk held 
a single workstation, and a small case.  Sohmr switched on the workstation and 
opened the case.  Pulling out a mirror and hanging it in front of him he 
examined himself.  Ridges on his forehead and long c
urly hair.  Toloa was getting rough.  

Sohmr replaced the mirror in the case and sat.  
?Computer, log entry. Mission proceeding according to plan.  As of this 
stardate, no security breaches have occurred.  My cover is intact.  I estimate 
within a weeks time, this civilization will have a fully warp capable, manned 
craft.  On the secondary mission, subject: Dr. Toloa, has remained unmolested 
in her work.  I have endeavored to train her in self defense.  Hopefully she 
won?t need to use it but it will give her an edge should the occasion arises.  

?The tap into her computer has remained undetected and I am astounded by her 
progress.  I can see why she might be in danger.  She?s come up with transwarp 
theories that rival and surpass those of the top scientists in the quadrant.

Sohmr walked over and called for a glass of water from the replicator.  From 
behind, one of the readouts begins to sound off.  Sohmr rushes over and is 
distressed by what he sees.

?It would appear that someone is making their move which now forces me to make 
mine. ?

Sohmr runs through the mission parameters in his mind.  
Infiltrate, learn and blend into proto-Klingon civilization.
Watch over and report on technological developement and civilization readiness 
for first contact
Provide whatever protection against hostile incursion is necessary prior to 
first contact.  

?Activity detected.  Moving to investigate.  Computer, if I do not report in 16 
hours, transmit my logs to V.K. Lee, Mission commander, Starfleet Command.  

Signed Soman Drath, Lt. Cmdr.? 

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