[USS Vanguard] Clean up crew

  • From: "Kieran Darkwater" <kdarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:45:10 +0000

<Shuttle Hurricane, planetside>

Kieran turned to Sam for a moment, waiting for a sign, but there wasn't time 
to wait.

"Damn it. Computer, lock onto borg life-sign and beam it to the shuttle 
now." Drawing his phaser Kieran turned towards the transporter pad and let 
loose with a shot even as the thing was appearing.

Frustration brought the snarl to his face as the beam terminated short on a 
green projected shield, and the borg turned to face them. One arm hung 
limply, apparently not functional, and occassional sparks flared from the 
mechanism at the shoulder, but the red scanning laser flicked over them, and 
the emotionless voice spoke out the expected line.

"Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Your genetic uniqueness will 
be incorporated into the Collective."

"Assimilate this!" Sam said, turning to fire his own phaser, having altered 
the setting. The energy was largely stopped by the shield, but some of it 
leaked through, thrusting the weakened borg back against the bulkhead. 
Kieran followed up, stepping sideways out the line of fire, darting past 
Qbed, and leading with steepled fingers into the things throat. Up close, it 
appeared to have once been Romulan, so what cracked audibly wasn't the 
larynx that he would have expected in a human, but rather the Chorotid 
gland, a pineal like structure that regulate Romulan - and Vulcan - hormonal 
changes. That didn't change the effect it had as it jammed into the 
windpipe, and the borg simply slumped to the floor, where Sam was quick 
enough to grab and remove the self-destruct mechanism.

"We have to take back some kind of trophy, don't we?"

Kieran just smiled slightly, and turned back to the controls, viewing the 
scene on the scanners.

"Computer, synthesise a disinfectant that will evaporate within three hours, 
and transport it along the trail the borg took from his ship to the 
transport site." he instructed, turning the scanners to the borg vessel.

"We have to try and erase any signs of the borg having been here." he 
explained. "A stray microbe from him," he pointed to the corpse in the back, 
"or us could cause a plague that would strike dead every living thing on 
this planet, depending on their immune system. Then we have to suppress the 
fire on the borg ship before it attracts any more attention, and then try to 
keep the locals away from it until we can work out how to get it off the 
planet, and somewhere safe! Any ideas?"


Lt (jg) Kieran Darkwater
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer
Science Department
USS Vanguard

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