[USS Vanguard] Christmas for two

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  • Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 15:52:49 -0600


Short, but had to post


Xristha held up her glass of wine, "To us." She winked at Dellan Kye. Her 
stark white hair was pulled up in a twist and curls dangled against her high 
check bones.

The Bandi focused on the bowl of pudding in front of her. Her mind began to 
wander. She still felt some pain from her encounter with the Angel One 
inhabitants. Almost sensing her distress Dellan set his glass down, "Want to 
talk about it?"

She looked up and smiled faintly, "It wasn't that bad." She took another sip 
of wine. She was Bandi, she did not experience weakness.

He lifted his arm and set his hand on her hand.

She shook off her feelings, "I almost forgot. Computer, music." In the 
background faint English Christmas Carols played on melodic strings, adding 
to the atmosphere.

Dellan looked around at the cabin and fireplace, "It is perfect."

She looked at him with an evil smiled, "Wait until New Year's."


Xristha Droin

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