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 Lt.JG Dellan Kye - JAG Officer USS Vanguard During "After playtime"  
Dellanwalked out of his quarters, humming a happy tune. In his hand, he
carried a single long stem red rose. He smiled at the passing crew members,
which in turned caused them to smile. This time of year had always been his
favorite on Earth. It was the time of Joyous Noël.....Christmas! He had
always marveled at Terran Traditions. Back on Betazed, they didn't have such
a wonderful time of year as Christmas.   Stepping into the turbo, he knew
exactly where to go. "Computer, locate Lt.Commander Droin and take me to the
turbo nearest her location." the computer beeped, paused for a moment and
then headed towards where Xristha was.   Dellan stepped out of the turbo in
front of holodeck three. Somewhat suprised, he walked to the controls and
stopped. "Computer, what program is currently being run?" "That information
is classified." Dellan's eye brows raised. "Hmmm" He reached out with his
mind. He didn't wantto intterupt somethign serious. <Xristha? Is it okay if
Ijoin you for a few minutes?> All he could feel was laughter. He took that
asa yes and asked for entry. The computer paused for a moment and then
replied "You have been given clearance to enter."   Dellan smiled and walked
in. He found himself in a beautiful old house, one he would've imagined
beingfrom Ancient Earth time. He rounded a corner and saw a table set for
two. It had candles and wine and Roast Duck with Lemon Sauce, French Pudding
and other delights. Xristha turned and smiled. "I was wondering when you
would come." Dellan smiled, hiding the rose behind his back. "What's all
this?" He asked.   She smiled. "Well, I did some research into this holiday
you love so much and decided, as your present, to give you a special
Christmas dinner for the two of us." She smiled and Dellan walked closer.
"Well, as my present to you..." He said and produced the Rose. She gasped
andtook it. "Oh, thank you Del! I love it!" She reached up and kissed his
cheek, She turned and palced the rose into teh vase on the table. "Now,
shallwe eat?" She asked. Dellan nodded and pulled out her chair. He then sat
himself.   (OOC-Tag!)   (OOC2- Happy Holidays everyone!!!!)   ~Fin~ 

"Round and round our love goes....Like a Tic Tac To board gone horribly,
horribly wrong....."   Lindsay, Wisconsin 4-H Drama Company 

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