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>  Lt. Highwaij
>  Klingon planet
>  After: Trouble Ahead

Highwaij was checking the communications systems,
from both the personal /communicators and the Ships comm systems,

the Personal Communicator

Velocity: warp 9.9999
Range: 500 km (unboostered)

To extend the communications range of a personal communicator a starship
must be within 40,000 km to establish a sensor lock / computer link with the
communicator to boost the signal. Without boostering, personal communicators
are limited to a line of sight 500-kilometer range, and are subject to
common geological and Electro-Magnetic interference.

and the Starship Communications

Velocity: warp 9.9999
Range: 22.65 LY (unboostered)

To extend communications range from a remote location on the edge of
explored space, a starship must be within 22.65 LY of a Subspace
Relay/Booster Platform to link communications with the Starfleet Subspace
Network, and the Federation Civil Communications System. Such long-range
communications can take months of subspace travel before being received by
the intended party.

both where needed onboard or off the ship on away mission,
after a few hours work, he found out that everything was working as it

> Lt. Highwaij
> Communications Officer
> USS Vanguard

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