[USS Vanguard] Bridge anyone?

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 15:36:08 -0500

Author: Lt Cmdr Xristha Droin, MD
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Setting: Vanguard CMO Quarters

Xristha quietly hummed to herself as she leaned back in an over padded chair 
in her quarters. She had a PADD in her hand and slowly went through her 
messages as well as administrative duties for sickbay.

The messages were fairly mundane. There was one from her father who tended 
to be very passionate about being dispassionate ? the mixture of his 
Betazoid and Romulan blood added a spice to life growing up.

Surprisingly Xristha also received a message from her brother who was 
stationed on Romulus. He was a diplomat to the core and rarely got personal 
with anyone, including his own sister.

A message was sent from the bridge that a new officer arrived, a Lieutenant 
JG Shar. Xristha would see that his medical review was transferred. She 
noted that he was a Romulan, close to her heritage.

What she didn?t find was a message from one Flight Control Officer.

Xristha tossed the device on her table causing a clicking sound to resonate 
in her quarters. She sighed slightly and closed her eyes.

She let her mind wander, something that she rarely allowed. She wasn?t an 
experienced Betazoid empath and hardly ever used her innate abilities. As 
with the majority of telepathic species she had a shield that kept others? 
thoughts out and she liked it that way.

Occasionally she stretched herself. This was one of those times. The crew 
was content. Since the purging of the ship?s systems stress levels of the 
crew dropped. It was late in the evening and most were sleeping, dreaming of 
unknown adventures.

Xristha closed her mind and stood up. She wasn?t tired and didn?t want to 
sit alone in her quarters. She decided to visit the bridge.

While being a senior officer she rarely made her way to the bridge. In fact, 
if she were thinking about the last time she stepped on the bridge it would 
have taken quite some time to remember. Like sickbay the bridge was 
typically a bustle of bodies trying to figure things out. Also like sickbay 
bodies in the way were not helpful, but rather hindrances. She didn?t like 
to be a hindrance.

The bridge was quiet at this time of the night. There was a very skeleton 
crew which was led by Lieutenant JG O?Reilly (NPC). She smiled quietly at 
the human and sat next to him. She just watched the stars as the ship 
floated in space.


Anyone wanna join Xristha on the bridge? Maybe she should take the ship for 
a spin?

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