[USS Vanguard] Bridge II

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 17:36:54 -0500

Author: Lt Cmdr Xristha Droin, MD
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Setting: Vanguard CMO Quarters

<snip from me>

The bridge was quiet at this time of the night. There was a very skeleton 
crew which was led by Lieutenant JG O?Reilly (NPC). She smiled quietly at 
the human and sat next to him. She just watched the stars as the ship 
floated in space.

<end snip from me>

?Quiet shift?? She finally said out loud.

?Yes, this shift usually is.? Jeff replied.

Xristha smiled. Lieutenant O?Reilly was on the fast track to command. A 
junior shift would not see as much action as one of the senior shifts, but 
it gave him some bridge time.

?I?m sure you?ll get some action someday.? Xristha tried to reassure.

Jeff chuckled. ?I ? ?

The turbo lift opened and the two looked at the individual who stepped out.

?Excuse me, only authorized personnel are allowed on the bridge.? Jeff said.

Xristha touched Jeff?s arm, ?I believe this is our new Intelligence 
Officer.? She stood up and walked over to the Romulan officer.

?Welcome to the bridge Lieutenant. Xristha Droin, Chief Medical Officer.? 
Xristha introduced herself.


Tag Angus.

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