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Shar left the Event Horizon after spending a short time being introduced to 
some of the crew who happened to be there. Claiming fatigue, he bid 
goodnight to Darkwater and the crew he'd met in the lounge.

He stopped right after leaving the lounge, and realized he had no idea where 
his quarters were. Not wanting to bother the quartermaster at that time of 
night, he quickly found an access terminal and quietly asked the computer to 
direct him to his quarters. In short order, he'd been directed, and found 
said quarters. They were nice enough, but he wasn't the type to particularly 
care about astetics. As long as there was a bed to sleep on, and perhaps a 
replicator for a cup of coffee in the morning, everything else he considered 
a bonus.

His small amount of personal effects had been offloaded from the Apex and 
placed in the middle of the room. He'd figured he'd worry about unpacking in 
the morning, but after stripping down and climbing into the standard issue 
bed, he found himself unable to sleep. Not unusual, after his somewhat 
eventful couple of days to get here, he had the urge to wander the ship.

Throwing on his uniform again, he decided he'd head upto the bridge, take a 
look around, maybe even customize the intel console for whenever he next 
needed it. One less thing he'd have to do later. (I'm taking a small liberty 
here, and assuming that at some point Shar might need the use of a bridge 
console. I'm figuring it'd be one of the aft, 'secondary' consoles simply 
customized for Intel gathering and collation. It wouldn't be in use all the 
time, just if there was a particular need for Shar to be on the bridge.)

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