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Lt. Highwaij
Borg Pyramide
Following:  An Opening

Mandrake, Quetan, and Highwaij walked through the Borg piramide
as they found a large, central Borg communciation/power node.
Mandrake went back to the shuttle to get his gear.

a few moments later Quetan and highwaij heared a scream
they both ran out of the room, and headed to wards the place Madrake had to
be screaming.
when they came to the crossing, they found his gear, but didn't find a trace
of Mandrake.

Highwaij quickly grapped the equipment and walked back to the node.
"Do you know what to do" Quetan asked

"You forget prior the ship's communications officer I was our Operations
officer." Highwaij replayed
as he started to work on the node."It might be better if we split up" he
after he told Quetan where Stark was.

"Split up I don't know" Quetan said

"It might be better, that way neither of us knows where the other is, if we
get caught." Highwaij said

A few moments later Quetan left, whille Highwaij managed to drop the shields
and send a communication to the
Vanguard " =:  . . . . .main power node. . . .phaser overload. . . . rg have
caught Mandra. . . .diversion. Now we need one t. . "

Then he walked out and started to look for Mandrake he hoped that the
Vanguard had got his message.
they could use some help. Highwaij quickly planted a small bobbytrapp, as
Tails had showed him
somehow he wished she was here with him.

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