[USS Vanguard] Black Coffee

  • From: Alec Keenan <sam_mccaw@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 15:03:59 -0700 (PDT)

Lt.Sam McCaw
Onboard the Vanguard

ooc: Wel this is my first post for a looooong time so
bear with me ok ;)


     Sam stepped out of his quarters and wandered  off
towards the bar, dragging his hair roughly into place
and straightening his baggy shirt. Quite why he felt
the need to make himself more presentable at 2am is a
mystery, and despite his efforts he attracted more
than a few curious glances from pasing crew members.
He seemed to be taking the art of looking exhausted
and being conspicuously unshaven to a new level. 

      As he shambled though the doors he nearly walked
into a group of revellers. In the middle of them was a
short female ensign with dark curly hair. She siezed
opon Sam with a look of amazement. "Leuitenant! Where
have you been, why we've hardly seen you twice in the
last six weeks!" Sam pushed her gently away. "I've
been...busy. Go, join your friends, I'll see you
later." He turned away before she could answer or
argue, and headed towards a secluded table to the rear
of the seating area. 

     As he took his seat there was already a steaming
mug of black coffee waiting for him.

     Sam didn't notice anyone entering the now
deserted bar area.  He was engrossed in his private
musings. All he heard was the night barman's quiet
reply "Him? Insomniac. Been coming here around this
time for weeks. Mabye it was those freaky mirror
people or mabye it was the Nexus that shook him up.
No, now I remember! It was a girl, said he didn't want
to talk about it, who am I to argue heh?"

ooc: any one for a late night chat? 

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