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OoC: Sorry all for being so out-of-touch.  It's been
crazy lately.

> The title: "Confessions of a Q."

"Why don't you just not write it?" Sam asked.

"I have to.  Because I already did.  Time travel is
funny like that," Qbed replied.

"You wrote a book, about your powerless time, and
marketed it back on Earth in the 20th century?"

"As a sci-fi novel.  Of course, the names were
changed, to protect the innocent.  I changed
enough...I'm not an idiot, after all."


"To help myself." Qbed smiled. "See, I knew I'd never
get out of my funk without help.  So I wrote down my
feelings--E'thexx was actually the one who suggested
it; he said it would help--and then I knew I had to
leave it for myself to find.  But, come on, just
leaving a sheaf of papers?  When I could go back in
time and get a book?  What kind of Q would I be to
pass that up?"

Sam grinned. "Very true."

"Yes, it is." She paused. "Q gave me the idea,
actually.  He put the idea in the book...never mind. 
But that's not the best news."


"I'm going to get my powers back!"

"Really?" Sam couldn't quite hide the excitement in
his voice. "Does that mean we can start sky-diving
without parachutes again?"

"Yes...but I don't know when."


"Look!" She held out the book. "See, this is proof I
get my powers back.  I don't know when, but it's gonna

"I thought you already knew that."

"Of course not!  How could I? I wasn't omnipotent

"I see."

"Don't you want to read my book?  Apparently, it was a
"fascinating mix of 'Bridget Jones' Diary' for the
ladies with a fun sci-fi twist for men."

Sam's smile froze.  For some reason, reading something
like "Bridget Jones' Diary" filled him with absolute

I'm on "vacation" and I won't have steady Internet
access and I won't until August.  Sorry, all, but I'm
really enjoying reading your posts!


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