[USS Vanguard] Behold, The Ark and It's Many Powers.

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Sam settled back down after escaping from the Cardassians and sent the
information planet side to Cynan and Kieran. He was about to check the
systems for damages when the ship rocked from a phaser blast.

"Damn!", Sam exclaimed studying his board. He wasn't sure at this point how
the Cardassians had relocated him - whether it was a leaking plasma
manifold, another malfunction that went undetected or plain pot luck on the
Cardassians side - but he knew he had to act fast.

The ship rocked again and spun out from the asteroid where it had been
hidden and back out into open space. There was no time to power up the
shields or the engines before the Coba Del Ray had been badly damaged. The
only route left was an emergency transport to Cynan and Kieran's last known

"Computer, initiate emergency transport."

"Unable to comply", chirped the computer in response.

"Computer, why?"

"There is insufficient power to the de-molecular power matrix."

"Re-route all available power - including life support - and retry."

It was a risky move, but a risk that paid off. With-in seconds Sam had left
the Coba Del Ray and appeared in the centre of large cavern, surrounded by
several stone tablets and a strangely shaped chest like object where Cynan
and Kieran was standing.

"Hold you fire!" shouted Sam as Cynan instantly span on his heals with
phaser at the ready as he heard the hum of the transporter.

"Sam?", Cynan asked.

"Don't ask. Let's just say we need another way home."

"Quiet" said Kieran still studying the markings on the chest like object. "I
think this will..."

A small pommel on the chest gave off what seemed to be a small illumination
and then depressed into the chests stone side. As the three peered closer,
the top pulsed, not once, nor twice, but three times. On the third pulse the
whole room flashed with a brilliant white light, and then they were gone.

Mean while on the USS Vanguard, the ship was hit by a temporal distortion.

[Snip from "Children of the Past" (Andy)]
"Report, Zena!"

"Sir, neutrino emissions spiked, and they appear to be dissipating.
Bioneural gelpaks are compensating."

"Well done, Commander."

"Where are we?", Cynan asked.

"It appears to be the arboretum of the Vanguard...", Kieran answered taking
several steps forward looking around curiously.

"No way! That was way cool", Sam said about the experience they'd just been

"Like to do it again?", Cynan smiled looking toward Sam.

"Most definitely", Sam replied.

"Gentleman. I believe there are..."

"Children", Cynan said as five 5 - 8 year olds ran out from behind the
(heavily overgrown) bushes towards them.

"No way!", Sam said again.

"The question is, who's are they, and is this really the arboretum off the
Vanguard?", Cynan said looking around.

"No. The question is are we really here and if we are, what time, or are we
still really in the cavern?"

Cynan and Sam just looked at each other blankly as the children began to run
around them.

[To Be Continued...]

OoC: Well, we're back...

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