[USS Vanguard] Back to Vaughn Guard

  • From: Qbed <alpha_chan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 13:13:03 -0700 (PDT)

After all recent posts.
        Qbed sighed as she watched the group. "You people are poke, poke, 
poking along," she grumbled. "What is with all this dawdling?" 
        There was a sudden flash of light.  She turned in genuine delight. "Q!"
        But he wasn't smiling. "Oh, Qbed," he sighed.
        "What?  What's wrong?"
        "You just had to attempt this, didn't you?  Way before you were ready." 
He shook his head gravely.      Qbed's mind flashed back to Sam's feelings. 
"I'm sorry?" she bluffed.
        He gestured to the group of Starfleet officers. "Sending them back in 
        "Oh!  That." She laughed in relief. "What do you mean?"
        "Sending people around like that...you have to have a real goal in 
mind.  You can't just shove them back here and make it up as you go."
        "I can't?"
        "No, you can't.  I talked for three weeks straight and even had set off 
a few supernovas, but the Continuum has agreed to let you finish this one.  But 
if you get the urge to mess with space and time...call me." He shook his finger 
in her face. "Understand?"
        "I just wanted Santos to like me.  They wanted the good old days..."
        "Like you?  You're a Q, Qbed!  Picard doesn't like me, and that only 
makes it more fun." A wicked grin spread across his face. "Speaking off, their 
last jaunt to the past wasn't courtesy of moi.  I'd best go make sure they 
don't forget me.  Finish this, Qbed, and quickly."
        "Aye, sir," she agreed reluctantly.
        "Oh, young impressionable Q," he lamented. "You even sound like them." 
And he vanished.
        Qbed sighed again.  Then she took ahold of their essences and pulled 
them together.  She decked herself in her "Lady" outfit and surveyed the scene.
        de Santos had finally gotten them moving--and even in the right 
direction.  But she simply didn't have time for this plodding.  When Q had been 
stripped of his powers, the whole Continuum had shared in the experience, and 
Qbed had no desire to feel that again.  She shuddered as she remembered that 
awful gray he'd been forced to wear.
        Light.  A nimbus of light trickled down from the sky.  de Santos' horse 
stopped and looked adoringly up.  The other animals followed.
        Music.  A chorus of angelic voices met in a hymn of exaltation.  The 
humans looked around in confusion.  Sam  barely supressed his laughter.
        She wafted down from the heaven, encompassed by that pure, holy light.
        "Behold," she started, "thou hast met--e'en surpassed my expectations.  
I say unto thee, return to the Castle Vaughn Guard, for truly, truths must be 
imparted unto ye that cannot be here.  Patience, nobles all, for soon ye shall 
understand all."
        de Santos looked at Soman, who nodded. "We will come, Lady," he said 
        "I await you," she replied. "Make all haste, for there is a sense of 
urgency that was not present when the Quest was first presented."
        And now...fade. 
        But Sam was laughing as she left.

[During a poker game with Data, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton.]
Prof. Stephen Hawking: So then I said, "In that frame of reference the 
perihelion of Mercury would have preceded in the opposite direction!"
[Einstein laughs.]

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