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Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
USS Vanguard. 
Location: Arboretum
Timeframe: After "alone time/maybe not much"
Patting the soil down around the sapling,Jaav brushed his dirty hands on his 
trousers, stood up, took a step back and admired his work.  The sapling drooped 
a little to the left side, Jaav glanced around to ensure nobody else had 
noticed before he straightened the little tree and activated the growth 
accelerator beside it.  Jaav bent down, collected up his trowel and planting 
tools and scooped the spilt soil from the grass verge and threw in into the 
border.  He let out a little sigh,  at the time it seemed like nothing, Jaav 
had made the foolish mistake of offering to keep an eye on the arboretum for 
Ensign Howard while she took some time off.  True, she cared deeply about her 
work and needed a break, but Counselor E'thexx was quite possibly the least 
qualified to fill her shoes.  
"Well I always knew deep down you had at least one or two green fingers!"  Jaav 
smiled as he turned round to the source of the familiar and warm voice.  
"Are you mocking me Zena Quetan?!"  Jaav flicked her playfully with the dusty, 
soiled cloth in his hand,  "You know as ship's science officer it really ought 
to be you playing in the dirt."
"Botany never was my field," Zena beamed, staring down at Jaav's trousers 
covered in mud "Besides, it looks as though you've had enough fun for both of 
Jaav placed the tools on the nearby potting table before gleefully placing a 
dirt covered arm over Zena's shoulder.  The pair strolled towards the exit.  
"So are you off duty now?" Jaav asked.  
"Unfortunately not, I'm on my way down to engineering, they need a calibrating 
some of the environmental management sensors, but I'm free for dinner this 
evening if your interested?" Zena smiled the way she always did, perfectly.  
"How can I say no, your place or mine?"
The pair exited the Arboretum and stood in the corridor outside. 
"My place at 1900." Zena replied.  
"See you later then," Jaav said before pecking her on the cheek and watching as 
she glided off down the corridor.  He started heading in the opposite 
direction.  It wasn't long before he began day dreaming, pleased that his 
chores for the day had come to an end.  Jaav was only just aware of rushed, 
sprinting footsteps and the sound of somebody calling his name. 
"Jaav! ... Counselor!" Jaav stopped and spun round to see his Executive 
Officer, Soman Drath, stood beside him, panting a little.  "You must have been 
a billion light years away."
"Really, felt like two actually!" Jaav smirked, but quickly removed the 
expression from his face when he realised that the XO probably wasn't in the 
best mood for sarcasm. 
"I was wondering if I could call upon your services for a second or two, it's 
about the upcoming crew evaluations." Soman said as he followed Jaav who was 
now walking toward the turbolift.  
"Well actually I'm on the way to the shower at the moment, but I could put 
aside an appointment first thing tomorr..."  Jaav stopeed in his tracks, his 
intuition all of a sudden catching up with the situation.  Soman Drath had 
never expressed much enthusiasm for the six-monthly crew evaluations, much less 
chased the Ship's Counselor down a corridor to talk about them.  Jaav looked 
his XO in the eye, saying more than just words.  "Soman,  is there perhaps 
something else I can help you with?"
Soman Drath chuckled slightly, expressing a little embarassment.  "I guess 
you've caught me out a little," Soman paused slightly before he offered more of 
an explanation,  "It's the whole arrival of Captain Ellis.  I know Captain 
Santos said that he would have preferred I took the reigns, and that it was 
Starfleet who insisted on command being temporarily assigned to Ellis.  I just 
can't help feeling...feeling..."
"Like your pride has been bruised a little?" Jaav offered.  
"Yes! Yes, that's exactly how it is.  I can't help feeling slightly undermined, 
and worried that Starfleet don't think I'm up to command.  Worried that Santos 
hasn't expressed enough faith in me."
"Soman, we BOTH know that the latter is definately untrue, Santos has the 
utmost faith in you, if it were down to him you'd have your own command 
tomorrow.  It's clear to the entire crew how much he respects your ability and 
how much he trusts you."
"Yeah, I guess."
"And as for Starfleet," Jaav continued, "Well although strictly speaking I'm 
not supposed to tell you, the admiralty evaluations I'm privy to speak nothing 
but praise and admiration for your work and progress, I'll say nothing more."  
Jaav smiled.  Soman looked happier, it was almost enough for him to have been 
able to air his concerns.  
"Thanks Jaav.  Sometimes it's a little difficult to know who to talk to about 
difficulties like these.  It wouldn't be appropriate for me to bring it up with 
any member of the crew."
"No it wouldn't,  but that's why I'm here.  I tell you what,  It's been a while 
since we've had a proper chat, I'm free most afternoons this week, you welcome 
to drop by my office anytime you know?" Jaav hoped the offer would provide some 
relief in itself.  Jaav knew that Soman was concerened about many things, 
including making the right impression upon Captain Trevor Ellis.  
"I think I might take you up on that Jaav."
"Well there's no pressure, but my door's always open." 
That was all Jaav said before stepping into the turbolift and speeding off 
towards his quarters and a nice, warm, traditional, water shower.  

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