[USS Vanguard] Baby Steps

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Counselor Jaav E'thexx
Counseling Suite
After: Holotable

Jaav sipped his tea, then returned his china cup to its saucer.  The movement 
was accompanied by the familiar, ceramic "chink" as the two items tapped 
against each other.  Jaav leaned forward, squinting a little as he inspected 
the painting.  The portrait was a gift from Lt.  Darkwater, and depicted Latok, 
the Ancient Vulcan father of Psychology.  In his own words, Darkwater had 
described the replica as "...crude, inaccurate and only marginally better than 
a 19th century Terran mugshot...".  Nonetheless, Jaav was quite pleased with 
the artwork.  Since the deluge of Starfleet Medical paperwork Jaav had found 
little time to decorate his office.
Jaav moved over to the central area, it had been altered slightly since the 
launch of Vanguard, and now comprised of two, blue, moderately sized  couches, 
each set at slightly-less-than right angles to each other.  Jaav's low work 
desk still remained in the middle, setaing himself on the couch he placed his 
cup and saucer on the low table and tapped at its surface.  The thin viewscreen 
glided upwards and forwards, using the controls, Jaav brought up his day's 
His break had been well timed, his next client would arrive any minute.  

Qbed breezed in through the door and threw herself down on the spare couch.  
She looked at Jaav, her scowl was a little too obvious for his liking.  Jaav 
picked up the PADD from off the desk and activated it, the device bleeped into 

E'thexx:  Can I offer you a drink?

Qbed:  No thank-you, I'd just like to get this over with.  

Jaav grinned inwardly, there was something vaguely amusing about the 
predicament, "Practical Q therapy methods" had NOT been a module at the academy 
- Maybe he ought to suggest they adjust the course.  Jaav decided to dive in 
head first.  

E'thexx:  Now you've had some time to think about it since our last session, 
would you say you felt any different about your new mortality?

Qbed: No.

Her blunt response was more or less exactly what Jaav had expected. 

E'thexx:  How would you describe it in three words

Qbed's expression made it quite obvious she was NOT at all impressed by the 
question - Granted, it was basic, perhaps a little unconventional within 
mainstream pschology, but it DID seem to achieve the desired affect.  

Qbed:  Limited, Boring...

Qbed stopped. Jaav looked up, it seemed she was not intending to continue.  

E'thexx:  That's two words

Qbed:  I CAN count. 

A period of about four or five seconds elapsed before Qbed said anything more. 

Qbed:  ...frightening

There was something quite distinct in her voice.  For the first time, Qbed had 
allowed herself to make it clear that she felt vulnerable.  Jaav shifted in his 
seat a little, he hesitated before responding, making quite sure he chose his 
response carefully, so as not to disrupt the small, but still appreciated 
degree of progress that had been made.  Jaav waited to see if Qbed was willing 
to volunteer more.  He tried to avoid prompting her, if she felt pressured to 
respond she would probably shut him out...



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