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Lt. Cmdr. Jaav E'thexx
Location: Briefing Chambers, USS Vanguard
Following: New Orders

<Snip - Andy>
"My first preference is to transport aboard the Tomonaga, team-by-team.
If that proves impossible for whatever reason, we will move the teams
by shuttle and penetrate the ship by any means necessary.

"Group assignments will be forthcoming. Are there any questions?"
<End Snip>

The murmurs resounded briefly before Denville D'Angelo spoke up.  "I hate to 
seem the only superstitious one here, but it is the Barrens we're about to go 
into.  The region is reknowned as a black spot as far as starships are 
concerned and there is heavy documentation regarding its deleterious effect on 
almost every crew that has entered it."

Santos smiled, "I can appreciate your concern," his tone was reassuring, "But 
Starfleet feels it's a necessary risk.  We'll be on alert at all times, we'll 
take necessary steps to reinforce the shield systems, sensors, communications 
array and structural integrity fields before we get too deep into the Barrens 
and we'll be dropping relay buoys at key locations."

"Like Breadcrumbs!" Des enthusiastically pointed out.  

"Exactly!" Santos was amused with the anology, "As far as the 'deleterious' 
effects, I'm open to suggestions."

It was Xristha who stepped in.  "The region is riddled with emissions which 
could potentially be to blame for the often reported effects.  Headaches, 
emotional outbursts, hallucinations, all are likely attributable to some sort 
of neurological disturbance caused by the unusual EM activity.  With the help 
of Lt. Falcon it should be relatively straightforward to synthesise a 
neuro-stabilising inoculant to administer to the entire crew."

"...and I could prepare a crew briefing detailing the possible mental effects 
we should look out for in each other and necessary precautions we should take 
to prevent a potential situation from developing," Jaav volunteered eagerly.  

"Excellent," Santos seemed pleased, he liked the way the crew seemed to be 
gelling together in all of this. "Begin your preparations right away.  Have the 
inoculation prepared before we're to far into the Barrens."

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