[USS Vanguard] Anthropological Baseline

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Technically, he supposed, Archaeology and Anthropology fell into the same 
department as Transporter Technology and Energy Transfer, and he was far 
from incompetent as a general scientist, but he still felt slightly 
irritated to be dragged away from his 'real' work for this. Another 
confirmation request came from the monitoring system, and despite his apathy 
he still had the scientific integrity to check the read-out before selecting 
the 'confirmed' banner.

His finger hestitated over the pad as the read-outs began to change, and he 
raised his hand to tap his pin and report directly when the conversation 
started. He'd forgotten that he was on the bridge, at the science station, 
so used was he to his office, and he heard the brief conversation as he 
reined in the remainder of the buoys for a moment.

His mind turned over the Surak puzzle for a while as he waited for further 
instruction from above: surely the logical conclusion would be to leave him 
alone. Any attack, be it physical or scholarly, would be seen as a panic 
reaction from what should be the most repressedly logical of a repressedly 
logical race. Still, the implications were astonishing - if the early 
post-Surak Vulcans has still practiced polygamy, then one of the fundemental 
pieces of evidence dating the departure of the Romulans from the homeworld 
would be thrown into doubt. The Departure could be a full three-hundred 
years later than was currently believed...

A single word cut through his thoughts, impacting upon his curiosity, sense 
of duty and fear in one fell swoop: Borg. An anachronism to an 
Anthropologist, they were in some ways the single most useful study there 
could be: for the first time there was a 'baseline' culture against which 
others could be studied. What concepts could be found in a Borg could be 
considered universal, even fundemental, as they removed the vestiges of 
society, culture and history to leave pure sentience and little else.

There was also the possibility of advancing some of his lesser studies, as 
well, most noticably robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He settled back 
to study the forthcoming communications, leaning against the edge of the 
console for comfort as he waited.

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