[USS Vanguard] An unexpected host

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Following "To cut or not to cut"


Xristha turned back to Levva, "I feel his emotions. The desperation grates
on me." She paused and turned to Zena, "I cannot experience or understand
the physical and metaphysical relationship between a host and symbiont. I
can easily explain to you the processes behind the relationship." She
continued, "I am telling you this because Levva may not revive simply
because part of him was torn away."

<end snip>

Zena paused deep in thought, she was confident in Xristha's ability she was
a talented Doctor, but she was concerned that the odds weren't on her side.

"Can the Symbiont be saved, I mean would this situation reoccur if we were
to give it a new host? with it being artificial and all..." Zena asked

"Doctor Rehnol was right, it was successful, the symbiont is just as real as
yours, the transporter must have somehow triggered a reaction which has
caused the two to reject each other, but from the notes Levva brought to
you, it shows he has a rare blood disorder, so the joining was never truly
successful because of this, they never really "joined" it was only a matter
of time before this reaction took place, the transporter seems to have
accelerated it." Xristha explained

"Once the two are separated in theory they both should be fine" Xristha
continued...she was now ready to start operating

Zena stepped out of the ward and waited patiently...

20 minutes passed and she paced glancing every minute or so at the entrance,
She sighed and looked at her boots, suddenly a nurse came charging out of
the chamber "we need a host now!, the symbiont is critical, it wont last an
hour without one, Doctor Droin asked me to have you find someone stat!"

With that she ran back into the chamber. Zena's mind went blank for a second
before it hit her...Jaav! he was a potential host, if anyone could have a
successful joining he was it!

Zena tapped her Comm badge and contacted Jaav...


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