[USS Vanguard] All the people on the floor

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Cadet Zena Quetan
Following on from Alec's post
Zena chased after Jazz but after pushing and dodging her way through the 
bustling crowd in the union by the time she'd managed to get out of the door 
Jazz was no where in sight.

The most logical direction to go was towards the security office/quarters as 
she was more than likely going to go to one of them Zena thought.

As she entered the building and headed down the corridor she saw a body lay on 
the floor, just as she began to approach it Sam came flying through a door 
looking rather shaky and tripped clean over the body which Zena now had 
realised was Jazz.

Sam and Jazz were both now on the floor and Becky Armitage briefly stood in the 
doorway of Sam's room looking rather upset before taking off in the opposite 

Zena dropped to the floor next to Jazz

Sam sat up and leaned against the wall groaning 

"Are you ok?" Zena asked Sam examining Jazz at the same time

"Yeah I'm fine, twisted my ankle a little that's all" he replied as he rubbed 
his ankle

Zena examined Jazz's eyes, her pupils were dilated, then checked her pulse, it 
was racing, she also checked that her air way was clear "Hmmm" 

"I thought you were studying Science not Medicine?" Sam asked

"Oh I am but one of my Symbiont's past hosts was a Doctor..." Zena replied

"You're Joined? How is that possible? I thought you had to be older if my 
knowledge of Trill is correct that is" Sam asked puzzled

Zena paused for a moment. Sam was right how was it possible that she was joined 
already? She had memories of past hosts and could even recall her own Joining 
ceremony, but why now had it all just suddenly come to her and why was Jazz 
unconscious but showed no signs of being attacked, and she clearly wasn't drunk.

"We need to find Nick, something strange is going on here" Zena said to Sam, 
for some reason also unknown to her she just felt like Nick was the person to 
go to "Can you walk?" She asked Sam

"Yeah I think so" he replied slowly getting to his feet "What about her?" he 
asked referring to Jazz

"We'll put her in your room and call for medical assistance" Zena replied

A few minutes later and they headed off to find Nick leaving Jazz safely on 
Sam's bed waiting for a medical team to arrive...

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