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Shar let out a low moan as he rolled under his oppenents roundhouse kick. He 
thought one of his ribs might be broken, but he wasn't quite sure. His whole 
chest was one huge throbing injury by this point. Worse, he was getting 

"Oommph!" He hissed as a kick connected with his left ribcage. For the fifth 
time in as many minutes. "I'm starting to dislike you, Yvri!" he mumbled as 
he threw back a punch of his own. Yvri, however, seemed disinclined to 
answer with anything but another kick. This time, Shar was ready for it. 
Grabbing the kick, he twisted visiously, throwing her to the ground, at the 
sime time, he slammed his own kick home into her side, finishing by throwing 
her to the mats. She rolled slightly, got up, but looked dazed for a moment. 
Pressing his attack, he feigned another kick, waited for her to shift her 
weight enough to be commited, and then quickly jumped to the other foot, and 
slammed his heel into her stomach, doubling her over. He quickly 
double-fisted the back of her neck, flattening her to the ground.

"Enough!" The instructor strode over to the pair of them, gasping, hissing 
in pain, surrounded by a crowd of cafeteria patrons. Shar was used to this 
at bars, but he hadn't expected to be attacked in the middle of campus. 
"Cadet Shar... Cadet Yvri. My office. NOW!" Yvri grunted as she picked 
herself up and dusted herself off.

<Five minutes later>

    "He reprogramed my sonic shower to resonate at the same frequency as the 
EPS relay. Everything in my quarters is in shambles!" Yvri said.
    "Cadet Shar?" Instructor Hammond looked at him.
    "Is there any evidence that I had anything to do with it, sir?"
    "Cadet, in the past two years, you've been accused of almost 112 
incidents of vandalism, or 'Practical Jokes' as some people call them. 
Surely you don't expect me to belive that your pure and innocent just 
because theres no evidence?"
    "Sir, while you might wish to be able to pin every single act of 
vadalism on me, may I remind you that there are thousands of cadets at the 
academy. Even if I have carried out some 'practical jokes', surely you have 
to admit that 112 is an extreme number for one person. And may I also remind 
you that there has NEVER been any evidence that I had anything to do with 
any of the other incidents people tried to blame on me."

    Hammond frowned and narrowed his eyes. "True enough, Cadet. But keep in 
mind that we're closing in on you. If I catch you even once, you're out of 
here for good. Do I make myself clear, Cadet?"
    "Perfectly, sir," Shar responded.
    "Good. As for the brawling, your both on probation, and your restricted 
to your residence buildings for the next 24 hours. Understood?"
    "WHAT?! He gets away with it! AGAIN! What about my stuff?! My room!" 
Yvri steamed. Hammond, narrowed his eyes even more and snapped his head to 
stare directly at her.
    "Yes, he does. And furthermore, for you, my dear, since you started this 
little brawl, with as far as everyone around could see, without provocation, 
you can stay in your residence for the next... 72 hours, minus classes," 
Yvri looked like she was about to explode, but simply took a deep breath and 
nodded her understanding.

Shar smiled a small smile to himself as he strode back to his room. When he 
got there, he made a small mark on the wall behind his bed, adding yet 
another to the already existing 243.

Cadet Shar
Starfleet Academy
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