[USS Vanguard] Abortion's Wrong

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
USS Vanguard; Briefing Room.
After "The Game's Afoot" (Jonathon).

Subject: Abortion's Wrong

The viral infection (if you could call it that) had infected the computer's
core and was rewriting itself at an exponential rate into patterns similar
to the neural pathways of the human brain. Time to possible full sentient
thought, 47 hours 12 minutes and counting.

[Briefing Room]
"Ladies, gentleman, we have a problem", Captain Santos began as he stood at
the head of the table. "You've all been briefed, now I want suggestions."

"The virus has already spread through half of the computer's core. Trying to
reverse what has been done will be near impossible." Sam McCaw spoke up.

"Agreed. The next option would be to neutralise it, but how?" Craig Kavan

"Could we not just erase it like a file?" Zena mused.

"Or introduce an anti-body", Xristha suggested.

"A counter measure", Highwaij evolved.

"We co..", Sam started.

"That is so wrong!" Cynan Mandrake exasperated, causing everyone to turn and

"What is wrong, Mr Mandrake?" the Captain asked.

"You're all talking as if it is just at thing. This might be the dawn of a
new era - the next step in evolution for a bioelectrical powered ship."

"The virus is not sentient yet," Jazz piped in.

"Yet." Cynan added. "And how sure are we of that? The ship has been jumping
in and out of warp. Systems are coming on and offline. It's almost as if it
is getting used to its surroundings. Abortion is just so wrong."

He knew abortion was a strong word to use and not particularly appropriate
but it was something he felt very strongly about as he was very nearly
aborted himself all those years ago.

"Whoa now steady on there. This is a virus with unknown intention that could
threaten all of our lives, not to mention countless others that this ship
could come into contact with here or anywhere in the timeline." MJ pointed
out. And just then as if to prove her point, life support flicked off and

Sighing, the Captain had to agree. "I agree. The virus is not yet sentient
and although the prospect of destroying a potentially new life form is
against many of my beliefs, the safety of the crew and the timeline must
come first." Santos said. "McCaw, how soon can we naturalise the threat?"

"I don't see why we can't contain it." Cynan mumbled.

"What was that, Mr Mandrake?" Soman asked.

"I said I don't know why we can not contain it" he said again, this time

"If you have a suggestion Mr Mandrake then lets here it." Soman said.

"Well why can't we discount the computer core an.."

"The ship wouldn't function without a core and we wouldn't last that much
longer" Sam said.

"..and replace it with a core from the Cobra Del Ray, or maybe that and a
few from the runabouts combined. They'd be enough to provide us with life
support and manoeuvrability wouldn't they? We could then wait for Starfleet
to ferry out a replacement and leave the viral infect core to develop at its
own pace."

"I'd recommend evacuating the ship", Connor Vogel chipped in. "And be on the
ready to set the self-destruct with whichever course of action we take."

"Hmm". Santos was clearly weighing up his options. They now has less then 46
hours to act and succeed in their plan, but which plan would he decide upon?

"Is there any other suggestions?" he asked before walking to the window to
gaze out at the stars in thought.

[To Be Continued...]

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