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Lt Sam McCaw
After What the history said

Sam made a few last minute adjustments, and threw thw switch. The Warp drive
didn't eeven dignify his efforts with a response.


Sam threw down his PADD and took a few calming breaths. "Um Becky, could you
check the bioneural gel packs in jeoffries tube 2, thats one of the red
lights I'm getting." The young leutenant nodded and dissappeared. Some time
later she had not reported in.

=^= McCaw to Lt Armitage.

=^= Report Lt?

Sam ran over to the Jeoffries tube and climbed inside, ten yards down he
came accross Lt Armitage, in a pile of fur; cradled in her arms was a
particularly massive tribble.

"They've eaten the gel pack haven't they?"

"Well, yes, but you can hardly hold that against them, they're sooo cute..."
The leutenant had the decency to look slightly sheepish.

=^= McCaw to Zena Quetan.

=^= Quetan here.

=^= Is there any way we have of cloning a couple of Jack Russells?

=^= I don't quite follow you Sam.

=^= It's a type of Dog bred for hunting rats Jack Russells are small vicious
and incredibly bloodthirsty. I reckon if we let a half dozen loose in the
Jeoffries tubes they'd have a whale of a time... and there'd be no more
Trouble from these Tribbles.

=^= Sam! That's barbaric!

=^= It's the circle of life Doc... how about it?

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