[USS Vanguard] A long good bye

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OFF: This is good bye folks...Not to me but to She'ra Khan..hopefully my other 
character will be a better one..
 She'ra needed to move on. she had seen the future and even though it was not 
ecthed in stone, she wanted a change. Her request for a transfere had gone 
through and she was happy and sad to leave. The crew of the Vanguard had been 
there for her through a lot and she wished she could stay. But something told 
her she had to go.  She closed her bags and walked out of her quarters in 
civilian clothing.
She walked into the lounge and saw everyone talking. she slowly walked over to 
Qbed: She'ra Khan, how've you been?
She'ra: Can't complain. It's good to see you again Qbed.
Qbed: oh sweety it's good to see you too.
She'ra didn't sit down. She turned to desdemona then back to Qbed.
She'ra: I am here to say good bye.
Desdemona: What do you mean good bye? I didn't hear anything about you leaving.
Highwaij: No one told me you were leaving...
she'ra: You'll be in capable hands. I'm sure of it. She winked at Highwaij and 
gave Desdemona a hug. She then blew Qbed a kiss and left. She walked into her 
quarters and sat down.
She'ra: Computer begin recording. Captain Santos, it was a pleasure to be a 
part of this crew. Thank you for the home that you have given me over the years 
and thank you for your faith that you placed in me. This is good bye sir. 
Computer end recording and send to the quarters of Capatain santos.
She looked down at her hands.
She'ra: Computer begin recording. Reaper, thanks for your friendship and love. 
I'll never forget you, that's a promise. Computer end recording and send to the 
quarters of  Roch Chase.
After her messages were sent she picked up her bags. Saying good bye to her 
home, she walked out and headed for the shuttle bay.
Lt. (jg She'ra Khan


Let me get this straight, you're going into a village of people that wants to 
kill you for an earn that belongs to a monster that wants to kill you?

Tao, The Beastmaster


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