[USS Vanguard] A kiss for your thoughts?

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
San Francisco, Earth; The Union.

During "Lucky Escape" (Mel/Zena).


A kiss for your thoughts?



[Snip from "Don't try this at home" (Gen/MJ)]

She shook a finger at him but smiled, "Fine, " she said, "I'll go with you."
She walked over to him and began walking beside him with her books clasped
to her chest.. Her cheeks still bright red.



As the two walked to the union not a word was spoken. Cynan cool as ever,
walked without even a glance to Maria. Maria on the other hand felt
uncomfortable with the silence and kept glancing to Cynan in the hope he'd


"You don't talk much, huh?" Maria asked Cynan as he opened the door to the


In reply Cynan gave her a kiss causing her to blush again, before they
headed in.


At the bar Cynan ordered his usual - a glass of water, and a drink for
Maria. They would have sat down but had there been any spare seats.


"I wish there was a place to sit down." Maria said.


Looking her up and down, Cynan picked her up and placed her on the bar.


"There'll always be a place for you" Cynan said to her.


"Are you sure it's ok for me to be sitting here. you know, this is really
embarrassing, I don't even know your name!" she said as Cadet Falcon spun
Cynan around and slapped him across the face.


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