[USS Vanguard] A kiss a slap oh my!

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Ensign Maria-Jana Valentine
Title:   A kiss a slap oh my!
After: Lucky Escape [Mark]
"You don't talk much, huh?" Maria asked Cynan as he opened the door to 
the union.

In reply Cynan gave her a kiss causing her to blush again, before they
headed in.

At the bar Cynan ordered his usual - a glass of water, and a drink for
Maria. They would have sat down but had there been any spare seats.

"I wish there was a place to sit down." Maria said.

Looking her up and down, Cynan picked her up and placed her on the bar.

"There'll always be a place for you" Cynan said to her.

"Are you sure it's ok for me to be sitting here. you know, this is 
really embarrassing, I don't even know your name!" she said as Cadet Falcon 
spun Cynan around and slapped him across the face.
[end of snip]

Maria's eyes widened at the slap and she looked from Jazz to the cadet she was 
speaking to, "What the hell?" she asked surprised, "Look lady I am not taking 
your boyfriend or anything so there is no need to get all violent or anything. 
You could have asked before you starting hauling off and smacking people."  She 
knew she was babling but she got that way when she was nervous and confused and 
right now she was more confused than nervous.



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