[USS Vanguard] A different Romulan

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 20:05:16 -0800 (PST)

Chen'ki Sub-Lt. Exchange Officer
USS Vanguard Briefing Room
After Lost Soul

After the briefing Chen'ki scurried out of the room to
get to work right away like the others. Chen'ki went
to his courters and repicated a couple of PADDS. Let
see, well, they should know this, and if there going
to do that,is all you herd and they sound of a beeping


Chen'ki walk in briskly and handed Vokar a PADD.

Chen'ki " Now, mister Vokar this PADD should tell you
all you need to know. I may have left out somethings,
but if you have some questions just ask and I'll see
what I can do. Now, you do know you need small
magnetic fields inside of a torpedo shell to keep the
trilithium inside of both matter and antimatter. If
you don't know how, I think you know, but It tells you
how in the PADD, artical three, paragraph four."

Vokar "Well, thank you Mr. Chen'ki all let you know
when we finished the torpedo shell. And what has
gotten into you? You seem different."

Chen'ki "I don't know, I think you Star Fleets are
rubbing off on me."

Vokar "Well, that's a good thing."

Chen'ki " For you!" (And with that he souluted Vokar
and walk off."

==computer locate my good friend Dell==

==Lt. Dellan is in his courters==

(Dells courters)


Dell "Yes, come in."

Chen'ki walk in and handed Sam a PADD. "I have an idea
to keep the Kazon away. This is a blueprint I would
like to call the Thirdeye. It is one of are probes
remotaled. It has a clocking ability. I suggest to
send tree of this out around the Vanguard to look out
for the Kazon."

Dell "Um....Thanks." (Has Chen'ki walk out he thought
to himself; I seance a difference in him.

Chen'ki now was walking down the hallway tords the
lounge. "Man,Why am I acting so weird. It is just not

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