[USS Vanguard] A Little Interference, Never Hurt Anybody.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
San Francisco, Earth; The Union.
After all recent posts.

A Little Interference, Never Hurt Anybody.

Cynan not being born of Earth, or any modem Earth culture that were
morally obliged to be chivalrous, was still finding such a code of
conduct hard to accept. Sure on his world a man would respect a women
- but not if they were to strike you. If they were to streak you then
they were fair game.

Cynan looked Jazz up and down with narrow eyes and slapped her back,
much to the shock of the rest of the union, except for one girl,
working behind the bar - she let out a little giggle.

"H..how.. could you! You brute!" Jazz exclaimed and stormed off to
report the incident to security.

"Yes, how could you?" the words broke off Maria's lips with a note
of uncertainty. This was definitely not the kind of man that she
wanted to be with. Yet she found herself staying to hear him out.

"She hit me" was all that Cynan would say.


"She hit me"

"And w.wh.what did she mean about that other girl.. Helga?" Maria
asked trying to ignore Cynan's lack of regard for the sanctity of
a woman.

"I've no idea." was his reply.

"You must do!"

"I don't."

"That still doesn't excuse you for hitting her... sheesh what am
I even doing here! I don't even know you!"

"Then go.." Cynan said, taking a step back and holding out an arm
pointing towards the door. "You kissed me, I kissed you and thought
we could have a chat. She hit me. I hit her back. You can stay and
make me happy or you can go and I'll be sad. That's all I know."

Cynan left her sitting on the bar wondering what to do and walked
over to his friends.

"Excuse me a minute", Zena said, before Cynan arrived.

"Where are you going?" Aliyah asekd.

"To talk to that girl. Someone's got to watch Cynan's back. It might
as well be me!" Zena replied and left to follow Cadet Falcon with
the intention of bringing her round.

"What about the other one?" Aliyah asked.

"I dunno. If he's too stupid to just leave her there.. I guess he
knows what he's doing." Zena said leaving.

Meanwhile, Qbed was busy watching Xristha Droin, moping around on
the beach. Qbed has always liked the doctor in her own magnificent
way and hated to think that her fabulous fantasy was causing the
doctor discomfort. To that aim she had a moment of inspiration.

"I'll make her fall for Cynan!" and clicked her fingers.

It didn't matter that Cynan was beginning to become romantically
involved with another Cadet. That was just a technicality and
besides, would be fun to watch how it all played out. What was
important to Qbed was that Xristha Droin would no longer be sad
- just perhaps a little irate with the male specifies, and which
something she thought all men deserved thanks to Sam McCaw.

The real twister was if Qbed had done the very same thing in the

"And now for Kieran" she thought. "Jazz is right. All men are the
same!" she said clicking momentarily out of known existence and
to the bar where Kieran resided.

[To Be Continued...]

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