[USS Vanguard] A Fistful of Misery

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OoC - O'kay this is a strange one for me (and you too lol) but I had this idea 
this morning of writing about loads of short clips, with some music playing in 
the background like you get in a gangster movie when they are "on a mission" or 
doing some "tidying up". Hope you like it!

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Somewhere in the Galaxy.
Time: After "Calm Before" (Jonathon).

Subject: A Fistful of Misery.

Theme: The Animals - House of the Rising Sun.

[Vulcan Moon]
The cell leader was down, the rest swore their allegiance to Cynan, they'd say 
another gang was responsible.

[The Moon of Araki, The Dagon Bar]
A man smashed a clasped fist down on the table, causing the gold-pressed bars 
of latinum to bounce in the air. Voices raged, anger shone in their eyes.

[A Rival Gangs HQ]
The main doors imploded, the rival gangs henchmen were knocked to their feet. 
Cynan beat the gang's leader, his eyes black as night.

[The Moon of Araki, The Dagon Bar]
The men laughed, plans scattered across the table. A new scheme was in the 
works that would make them all rich beyond belief.

[Earth Penitentiary]
A guard was shot down dead, another incapacitated, cell doors switched off and 
the prison ran riot. Cynan's gang grew.

[Starbase Brigadoon]
Jaav and Santos located Cynan's hold, and planned an undercover operation. An 
ensign burst in with news of a gang's dismemberment, and the raid on Earth. The 
two men stood in shock.

[Unknown Region of Space]
Two ships locked in battle, a Ferrengi freighter half-disabled, soon to be 
destroyed was pillaged. Another hour, another two ships, and another, and 

[The Moon of Araki, The Dagon Bar]
The table was filling higher and higher with latinum, the men's laughs rising 
and rising. They were unstoppable.

[Starbase Brigadoon]
A ship was commandeered [The Vanguard? heh.. go crew! Or something else], broke 
away from the docking ring and headed for the moon where Cynan was supposed to 
be, ignoring all requests to stand down.

[The Moon of Araki, Pitt Contracts Stronghold]
Cynan was gripped by two other men, a third twisted his arm out and flung him 
hard down on a table, whilst a fourth ran a medical tri-quarter over him.

[The Moon of Araki, The Dagon Bar]
Santos burst in, an unrepentant bar turned their heads, Santos and his crew 
threw their weight around, demanding answers.

[The Moon of Araki, Pitt Contracts Stronghold]
Cynan was pulled up, York looked on. Pitt herself hid in a corner and gave 
instructions. A single bead of sweat rolled down Cynan's face.

OoC: O'kay Andy, take it from there! Hope you liked all :)

-- Cynan/Mark.
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