[USS Vanguard] A Chat with Des

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 23:51:46 -0800 (PST)

Craig Kavan
  Command Chief Petty Officer
  USS Vanguard
  Craig had watched the unfolding drama between Captain Quetan and Commander 
Mandrake with growing trepidation.  Things had been tense all over lately.  
Quetan and Mandrake, himself and Ceelak...  It made him nervous.  For the most 
part Craig liked to keep things light; he'd had enough drama in his life and he 
was tired of it.
  Desdemona put another glass of iced tea in front of him and sat down.  She 
had also witnessed the confrontation.  
  "What's gotten into everyone Chief?" Des asked Craig as he squeezed his slice 
of lemon into his tea.
  Craig sighed.  "I'm not sure.  You know Des," Craig leaned towards her and 
lowered his voice.  Several of the Vanguard's officers were in the bar now and 
he didn't want them over-hearing him.  "Everyone's been on edge lately and I 
don't know why.  I used to get them to talk to me...  Officers I mean.  But 
lately..."  Craig spread his hands and shrugged.
  Craig took a drink of his tea and continued, "Even the enlisted crew on the 
ship have noticed.  That's not good.  It doesn't help the morale of the junior 
crewmen when the command staff is at odds."
  Des was quiet for a second before she dropped the bomb on him.  "Like you and 
Ceelak?"  Craig almost choked.
  He pinched the bridge of his nose between a finger and thumb.  "Des, how do 
you hear this stuff?"
  She gave him a conspiratorial grin.  "I've heard it from a couple of 
different tables over the last half hour.  The rumor is that you're a little 
freaked out by her sex change."
  Craig sighed again.  "Freaked out?  Yeah you could say that.  It's just such 
an alien concept to me."
  "Do you like her?" Des asked.
  "I like her fine but..."
  Des cut him off.  "'But' nothing.  Look, go talk to her.  Tell her how you 
feel.  I hear she hasn't even taken male form since you started avoiding her."
  Craig started to object but Des rolled over him.  "You have been and you know 
it.  The crew knows it too.  Maybe if you at least smooth things over with her, 
then the rest of the crew can follow your example."
  "Kind of over simplifying things aren't you?"
  "Maybe Chief, but maybe you're the opposite.  You look for complex answers to 
simple questions.  If you like Ceelak, in female form then tell her.  But you 
also have to come to grips with the fact that if she can shape shift that you 
might have to at least get used to having another male in your relationship.  
I'm not saying you have to be romantically involved with both sides of her.  
But...  Wow this can get complicated very quickly."  
  Des' eyes shifted from his to the door and Craig turned to see Ceelak enter 
alone.  Craig winced at how sad she looked.  Des leaned and whispered into his 
ear, "Now's your chance."
  Craig thought back over the last two years.  He knew that he'd upset her, but 
Des was right.  He couldn't deny his feeling for her, and the male form of 
Ceelak didn't scare him.  Ceelak just needed to know that his romantic feelings 
were for her, not for him.
  "You're over thinking again Chief."  Des was still sitting next to him.
  Craig nodded and took a deep breath.  Des handed him a glass of Ceelak's 
favorite drink and winked at him.  Craig smiled at her and made his way to 
Ceelak's table.  Her eyes met his and his insides twisted.  He gave her what he 
hoped was his best smile and set the drink down in front of her.  He suddenly 
wondered if she was mad.  Her face was now unreadable, and it occured to him 
that he deserved her anger.  He hoped that she'd at least talk to him though.
  Prepared to whether the storm of her fury Craig asked if he could sit down.

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