[ncsc-moths] Re: [tn-moths] Sympistis kappa?--Another potential new species for NC

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I think being a true collector is a good thing.  One who has a great interest 
in butterflies or whatever, collects them himself, and perhaps puts photos on 
the 'net for educational purposes.  Collections at universities and nature 
centers, etc give people the opportunity to view creatures up close that they 
wouldn't otherwise experience.

I believe collecting for scientific purposes is noble: e.g, DNA testing, the 
study of how insects can live through arctic cold, the effects of man-made 
chemicals on insects.

What I object to is the person who goes into the jungle and nabs every rare 
butterfly he can find for the purpose of selling them.
Jean Obrist

Larry, what specimens do you need?

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  My hobby is photographing insects. I haven't collectied any but I might if I 
had good reason. I agree with you that in some cases it would be the better 
thing to. I also don't have a problem with people who collect regularly. In 
fact I am hoping someone will bring specimens to our nature center so I can add 
them to our display. At the same time I can see how others may feel that 
collecting is wrong. I think tn-moths should probably use photos of live moths. 
I would be interested in hearing more opinions on this if we can keep it civil.


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