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  • From: "Harry Wilson" <harrywilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 20:35:01 -0400

The rain recently has kept me from making my rounds as often as I would prefer, 
but we had become terribly dry. Even so, I have seen the following moths:

Martyringa latipennis, 1065
Many-lined Angle, 6353
Aethes angustana species group, 3754.1 (dead ringer for MPG photo for this 
Meal Moth, 5510
Filatima biminimaculalla, 2136
Blurry Chocolate Angle, 6339
Labyrinth Moth (I think), 2772
Snowy Urola Moth, 5464
American Ermine Moth, 2420
Redbud Leaffolder Moth, 2204
White-dotted Prominent, 7915
Black-shaded Platynota Moth, 3732
Sweetgum Leafroller, 5802
Broad-banded Eulogia Moth, 5999
Birch Angle, 6330

I have tentatively identified another moth, a geometer, as Glena grisearia, 
6445. In my photo (attached) it looks to be a pretty good match, but the only 
Internet photos that I have seen are from Arizona, and I have no other range 
information for this moth. I am somewhat leery of my ID, but so far I have not 
seen any better match.

Harry Wilson
Zebulon, NC

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