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  • Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 20:52:43 -0400

Wow, several more new ones each night, my list just keeps growing faster than I 
can keep up with ID's.

First is a sallow or quaker?
Second possibly 3648 Fruit-tree Leafroller Moth
Third has ben numerous at time the past week or so

Thank you all for your continued help, most of these recent ones were from my 
24hour wildathon/bio blitz event, where I ended with close to 50 species of 
moths ID'd and another dozen unknowns still.

My list since March is at 105 species listed below in order of appearance.  But 
I guess I should start listing in order of Hodges#, thats the way my pictures 
are sorted at least.

      Eastern Panthea  Panthea furcilla 
      Roadside Sallow Metaxaglaea viatica 
      Common Oak Moth Phoberia atomaris  
      Reddish Speckled Dart Cerastis tenebrifera 
      Morrisons Sallow  
      Common Eupithecia Eupithecia miserulata 
      Curve-toothed Geometer eutrapela clemataria 
      Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth Orthosia hibisci 
      Normans Quaker  Crocigrapha normani 
      The Gem Orthonama obstipata 
      Green Cloverworm Hypena scabra 
      Canadian Melanolophia Melanolophia canadaria 
      Bold-based zale  Zale lunifera 
      Filigreed Chimoptesis Chimoptesis pennsylvania 
      Chinquapin Leaf Miner Moth Dyseriocrania griseocapitella 
      Alternate Woodling Elgira alterans 
      Tulip Tree Beauty Epimecis hortaria 
      Dimorphic Gray   Tornos scolopacinarius 
      Hydriomena crokeri Hydriomena crokeri 
      Red-bordered Emerald Nemoria lixaria 
      Stained-back Leafroller  Acleris maculidorsana 
      a Leafroller Acleris cornana 
      The Wedgeling Galgula partita 
      Black-dotted Brown Cissusa spadix 
      Signate Melanopholia Melanolophia signataria 
      Brown-spotted Zale Zale helata 
      Morning Glory Plume Moth Emmelina monocactyla 
      Baltimore bomolocha  Hypena baltimoralis 
      Yellow-lined Owlet  Colobochyla interpunct 
      Strawberry Leafroller  Ancylis comptana 
      Oak Besma  Besma quercivoraria 
      Apamea antennata  Apamea antennata  
      Pseudexentera sepia Pseudexentera sepia 
      Red-banded Leafroller  Argyrotaenia velutinana 
      The Half-wing Moth  Phigalia titea 
      Black-dotted Ruddy Moth Thysanopyga intractata  
      Zale Obliqua Zale Obliqua 
      Colorful Zale Zale minerea 
      Intractable Quaker     Himella fidelis  
      Saw Wing  Euchlaena serrata 
      Bent-line Carpet Costaconvexa centrostrigaria  
      Virginia Tiger Moth  Spilosama virginica 
      Lettered Sphinx Deidamia inscripta 
      Rosy Maple Moth Dryocampa rubicunda 
      Zale lunata Lunata Zale 
      Dark-banded Owlet Phalaenophana pyramusalis 
      Many-lined Carpet Anticlea multiferata  
      Kent's Geometer Selenea kentaria 
      Sericoplaga externalis Sericoplaga externalis 
      Brown-shaded Gray Iridopsis defectaria 
      Double-banded Zale  
      Small Engrailed  Ectropis crepuscularia 
      Eastern Grass Veneer  Crambus laquetatus 
      Wanton Pinion Lithopane petulca 
      Ethmia marmorea  Ethmia marmorea  
      Redbud Leaffolder  Fascista cercerisella 
      Southern Emerald  Synchlora frondaria 
      Aethes seriatana Aethes seriatana 
      Grape Leaffolder  
      Indian Meal Moth  
      Smoky Tetanolita Tetanolita mynesalis 
      Garden Tortrix  
      Gray Half Spot  Nedra ramosula 
      Bicolored Woodgran  Morrinsonia evicta 
      Yellow-headed Looper  Lambdina pelluccidaria 
      Bad Wing  Dyspteris abortivaria 
      Grateful Midget  Elaphria grata 
      Common Angle  Macaria aemulataria 
      Banded Tiger Moth  
      One-spotted Variant  
      Arched Hooktip  Drepana arcuata 
      Yellow-lined Owlet  Colobochyla interpuncta 
      Maple Looper Moth  Parallelia bistriaris 
      Warm-chevroned Moth  Tortricidia testacea 
      Common Pitchodis  Pitchodis herbarum 
      Pondside Pyralid Moth  Munroessa icciusalis 
      Spotted Phosphila  Phosphila miselioides 
      Broken-banded leafroller  Choristoneura fractivittan 
      Yellow slant line  Tetracis Crocollata 
      Anteaotricha schlaegeri Anteaotricha schlaegeri 
      Beautiful Zale  Zale galbanata 
      Common Lytrosis  Lytrosis unitaria 
      Double-toothed Prominent Nerice bidentata 
      Georges Midget  Elaphria georgei 
      Mottled Prominent  Macrurocampa marthesia 
      Distinguished Colomychus  Colommychus talis 
      Sharp-blotched Nola  Nola pustulata 
      White Slant-line  Tetracis cachexiata  
      Bent-winged Owlet  Bleptina caradinalis 
      Green dusted Zale Zale aeruginosa 
      Banded Tussock Moth Halysidota tessellaris 
      White-spotted Leafroller Argyrotaenia alisellana 
      Dogbane/Alien Probole Moth Probole alienaria 
      Horrid Zale Zale horrida 
      Packards Wave Moth Cyclophora packardi 
      Pine Sphinx Lapara coniferarum 
      Oak Leafroller Moth Argyrotaenia quercifoliana 
      White-lined Leafroller  
      Forked Dagger Moth Acronicta furcifera 
      Agreeable Tiger Moth Spilosoma congrua 
      Large Maple Spanworm Moth Prochoerodes lineola  
      Bent Line Gray Iridopsis larvaria 
      Armyworm Moth Mythimna unipuncta 
      Dot-lined Wave Idaea tacturata 

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