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Attached is the Charity Commission 'explanation' of the Music Heritage
Perhaps one might like to comment


David Jennings (a director of smec) has written regarding my last mail.

Smec board is exonerated of course,

I quote
"As a member of the SMEC Board I can promise you, hand on heart, that
there was absolutely zero board discussion of the Matrix proposal
before it was published (and, indeed, I only had brief side
discussions about it after publication). I've no doubt that other
interests were involved - inevitably and for obvious reasons since
the CIQ is not a greenfield site without history or vested interests.
All I'm saying is that the SMEC Board did not discuss the NCPM
building or the company's corporate interests in relation to it (as
we have, for example, in relation to Brown St/Spearmint Rhino).
Therefore I plead innocent to the charge of conspiracy on behalf of
myself and board colleagues in same position as me."


Hi Marcus,

At 10:31 pm +0100 9.7.03, Marcus O'Hagan wrote:

>Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my information is that your
>Ian Wild was instrumental in ensuring that I did not attend metings with
>Perhaps you should ask him. Perhaps he has the delegated responsibility and
>was responsible for the 'backchannelling'.
>You might ask Gareth (Pride in Sheffield) why he was reduced to tears on at
>least two occasions by the pressure put on him by Ian and Yvonne O'Donovan.
>(or perhaps he was making it all up).
>He is contactable at Simunye 255 8036 or mobile 07939577467.

OK, these allegations are much more specific than your generalised
suspicion of conspiracy. You are saying that two individuals applied
pressure/influence that affected two other individuals. I don't see
that using influence is by definition a suspicious activity, and I
don't think anyone would seriously expect the boards of companies to
investigate every time their chief executives used their influence.
That's part of what we expect them to do.

and again

"You then imply that you have aired these grievances and others -
partly in public - without any background of discussion with one of
the key people you seem to hold responsible!

It seems to me I'd have to dig a long way to make a hole as deep as
the one you've just dug. I am beginning to see why someone who was
mounting a case for or against something might think twice before
enlisting your 'support'."


very pleasant

He clearly states that it was ok for Mr Wild and Ms O'Donovan to bully
Gareth and exclude yours truly from a meeting between the Pride in SHeffield
org and YF. So there you go. Great community spirit!


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> It is clear that there has been a long term conspiracy between YF, SHU and
> the City Council (Sheffield One). There is no way a deal like this could
> put together in the time available.
> I would encourage anyone interested in the truth to report this to the
> Charity Commission post haste. Jane Adderley on 0151 703 1516. The 'land
> exchanges' only add fuel to the conspiracy theory.
> The Comptroller General at the Audit Commission might also be interested
> any facts which confirm this conspiracy. YF are not allowed to act outside
> the law as they have done.
> The Comptroller and Auditor General
> National Audit Office
> 157 - 197 Buckingham Palace Road
> London
> SW1W 9SP
> mail direct on
> enquiries@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Clive Betts has obviously dropped out of the picture as an advocate, so
> waste your time there. (another distraction imho). His office told me
> was only one other person bothered about this whole fiasco.
> Can anyone explain why the Business plan was so poor, contained a pretty
> dimensional solution and contained none of multiple income strands as
> presented to Scedu by both Nort and myself. Could it be
> because SCEDU's income is via Yorkshire Forward? Why did Scedu not
> take up any of the offers of help given? Why were the early versions of
> plan not properly circulated. Could they (secdu) be part of the same
> conspiracy?
> Can anyone explain why people associated with previous failed versions of
> NCPM refused to attend a meeting with Yorkshire Forward if I was present
> (according to a rather tearful so called organiser of Pride in Sheffield).
> Perhaps I should have put pressure on that person to reveal where the
> meeting was to be held - he tearfully refused to reveal this and
> acknowledged that he felt 'really bad' about the whole thing.
> Can anyone explain why Pride in Sheffield's name was attached to the
> business plan when it was not accepted at the only meeting which discussed
> it.
> The business plan had absolutely nothing to do with Pride in Sheffield.
> We have been conned big style (unfortunately by 'self styled' members of
> Pride in Sheffield as much as by YF the City Council etc.)
> I am pretty disgusted (does it show?).
> So much for the sacred chalice of music....
> Marcus
> 20 February 2003
> A vibrant new future is planned for Sheffield's former National Centre for
> Popular Music after years of uncertainty over the long-term use of the
> iconic city landmark.
> Yorkshire Forward has accepted a bid for the former NCPM from Sheffield
> Hallam University, who plan to incorporate it into a development which
> make a substantial contribution to the regeneration of 'creative
> by using the university's arts, science and technological expertise.
> At the heart of the #1.85m transaction is a land exchange that will see
> taking over the site in return for three areas of land that are critical
> the City's development plans and achieving the Sheffield One Masterplan.
> transaction also ensures no further public funding is needed to support
> centre.
> As part of a major investment programme, the university will move its
> of Cultural Studies into the city centre from its current cramped Psalter
> Lane site. The school, which has an international reputation as a centre
> teaching and research excellence in the creative arts, design and the
> humanities, will be relocated in a new building on the site of the current
> Students' Union - the Nelson Mandela Building.
> To make way for the new building, the Students' Union will move to the
> former NCPM, where they plan to run cultural events and organise
> which not only attract their 27,000 members but also bring in people from
> the city.
> The union also has plans to develop the building into a small and medium
> sized venue, which can be hired by clubs and associations in Sheffield who
> want to stage their own events, which will run alongside the regular
> programme. The move will bring Sheffield One's vision to develop a
> Industries Quarter a step closer to reality, and at the same time bring an
> end to three years of uncertainty about the future of the building.
> The former National Centre for Popular Music (NCPM) closed as a visitor
> attraction in 1999 due to low visitor numbers. Yorkshire Forward inherited
> #1m debt on the building and acquired the building last May from its
> MHL holdings.
> Martin Havenhand, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward said:
> "We are delighted to have concluded a deal with Sheffield Hallam
> to secure the future of the iconic building which will allow people from
> city of Sheffield access to cultural events. The exchange of land with the
> university also provides a further opportunity to realise the vision for
> Sheffield One in developing the Cultural Industries Quarter of the City."
> Professor Diana Green, Vice Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University
> "We're now keen to move as quickly as we can. We are already picking up a
> buzz of excitement around our plan, which we believe will make a
> contribution to the spirit of the Cultural Industries Quarter and the life
> of the city."
> Alison Nimmo, Chief Executive of Sheffield One said:
> "The Cultural Industries Quarter is a unique part of Sheffield and has a
> vital role to play in the regeneration of the city centre.  We believe
> the arrangement reached with Sheffield Hallam University over the former
> NCPM building will help to increase activity and vibrancy in the area and
> promote its further development."
> Notes to Editors:
> 1. Yorkshire Forward is the driving force behind the economic regeneration
> of the region, delivering a programme of change that will make a positive
> difference to our people, our businesses and our environment.
> 2. For further information, please contact Keith Crane Senior Media
> Relations Officer, Yorkshire Forward on 0113 394 9710: fax 0113 234
> 9211;e-mail keith.crane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> 3. Questions relating to Sheffield Hallam University should be directed to
> John Palmer, Director of Communications on 0114 225 3896.
> 4. Questions relating to Sheffield One should be directed to Rachel Perry
> 0114 203 9090.
> End of press release.
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