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  • Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 21:55:58 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Me again.  Obviously we are totally missing the plot.  Here is the true 
economic development plan for the CIQ by the powers that below.  Read the 
article below which I found on the BBC news website.  It all makes perfect 
sense.  BAM /// Students lapdance for fees
 Union says students are under financial pressure
Students are becoming lapdancers to pay their way through university, claims a 
student magazine. 
The latest edition of the Bristol University magazine, Epigram, contains an 
account of a woman who is working in a lapdance club to raise money while she 
is studying. 
"It's the latest form of employment for female students who are waving farewell 
to Sainsburys cashier checkouts and office photocopiers, and leaving a trail of 
work clothes behind them," says the article. 
Student hardship and the problem of student debt has been highlighted in 
debates over the future of university funding and controversial proposals to 
introduce top-up fees. 
But the story presented in the student magazine shows a mixed picture of 
financial needs. 
The student says she does not want to spend her university days in low-paying 
waitressing jobs. 
But the motivation is not poverty, but because she wants to be able to pay her 
own way, alongside an older, better-off boyfriend. 
The article claims that lap dancers can earn an average of around £250 to £300 
per night. 
The vice-president of the university students' union, Fiona Cook, said that it 
was another example of the financial pressures on students. 
"People are having to go to greater and greater lengths to reduce debt," she 
And she expressed concern for the safety of students who became lapdancers. 
Ms Cook said that it was becoming difficult to shock people over student 
hardship. And she had heard of students at other universities who had been 
forced into prostitution to pay off debts. 
One of the two female students selling eggs to a fertility clinic in the United 
States was also reported to be studying at Bristol University, she said. 
The introduction of top-up fees would exacerbate the levels of debt and the 
money worries of students, she said. 
Students were deeply hostile to top-up fees, she said, suggesting that a 
graduate tax would be preferred. 

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