[ncpm] Re: Was it ever going to go any other way?

  • From: "Miss Monia" <moniaeffy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:31:45 +0000


Yeah you're right Bill, I feel exactly the same way!! 

It's all about money and not about trying to do the RIGHT thing in the best
interest of Sheffield and its inhabitants!!!

What a shame...... 

Mon >From: "Bill Best" >Reply-To: ncpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >To: ncpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [ncpm] Was it ever going to go any other way? >Date: Fri, 31 Jan
2003 14:24:15 +0000
>>>http://www.bbc.co.uk/southyorkshire/have_your_say/ncpm.shtml >>Sheffield
Hallam University's bid to take ownership of the National Centre >for
PopularMusic is now the front-runner after a rival bid to run the >centre
wasrejected. >>'Pride in Sheffield' wanted to turn the NCPM into a
conferenceand >exhibition centre. >>But the building's owners, Yorkshire
Forward, have turned down the bid, and >will instead continue negotiations
with the university, who plan to turn the >complex into a students' union.
>>******************************* >>Wot a load of rubbish, I say...
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