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can we have a meeting then?

cannot say I am surprised given the way the campaign has been hi-jacked
/taken over by those whose private or corporate adgendas diverted and
corrupted the campaign and made the business 'plan' weak.

Lets have a meeting about this



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>  I have just spoken to Trevor Shaw at Yorkshire Forward who told me that
> YF Board had decided to reject the Matrix proposal as it meant retaining
> interest in the building which is not in the normal course of their
> business. They had therefore accepted the SHU proposal and are aiming to
> the deal by end Feb. A holding statement will be issued by SHU today and
> their more detailed proposals are likely to emerge after they acquire. I
> sure many of you may already be aware of this. Bad news day!!
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> Below is an up-to-date report on what has been happening with the Matrix
> Proposal from Mister Phil Proctor.
> On Thursday 9th January Bill Barker of Scedu, Gareth Roberts and Phil
> Proctor met with Sue Johnson and Trevor Shaw of Yorkshire Forward, and
> Alison Nimmo of Sheffield One to go through the Matrix Proposal.  The
> meeting lasted approximately 90 minutes.
> Trevor, the Director of Finance had already provided a sheet of finance
> questions that they/he wanted answers to.  Most of these were dealt with
> passing but Pride In Sheffield was told that Trevor would have another
> meeting with us to pick up detailed questions about the finances.  Most of
> the meeting centred around the Matrix Proposal.  It felt as if we were
> wading through treacle.  Nothing was given away on their perceptions of
> proposal at all.
> On Tuesday 14th January Ian Wilde of Sheffield Media and Exhibition
> and Phil Proctor met with Trevor Shaw, Yorkshire Forward's Director of
> Finance.  He asked a number of questions around Phase 1.  We were able to
> show that the operating costs of the 'old' NCPM were not the #400,000 that
> everyone was quoting but much less.  This was because cleaning costs,
> security costs and other costs around the Club Nights and other such
> were included in the operating costs, rather than in other budgets around
> variable costs.
> No-one though had ever been able to bottom out the real costs of running
> NCPM, as the building had never been fully commissioned and thus the true
> costs were still unknown.  Our figures would appear to be the closest as
> consulted a number of persons who had been involved in running the NCPM
> could explain the figures to us.  No-one at Yorkshire Forward or elsewhere
> had thought of asking these people before!!!!
> Subsequent to these meetings Bill Barker, from Scedu, then commissioned a
> number of inputs from various parties, during the period 17th to 21st
> January, to put together a follow-up paper to Yorkshire Forward giving
> greater clarification on many of the points raised in the two meetings.
> This short document was checked with various partners, before being sent
> Yorkshire Forward on 22nd January.
> The Yorkshire Forward Board meet on Thursday 30th January, somewhere in
> Yorkshire. I have not asked, but each Board Meeting seems to take place in
> different city/town for each meeting. Maybe so the likes of our campaign
> can't get to them!!!!!
> All the local media have been in contact already to find out when the
> will be announced so they can provide the media coverage. The Star have
> indicated whatever the result it will be front page.
> There is little more we can do.
> Phil Proctor
> for
> Pride in Sheffield.
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