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Just a quick reminder in case anybody's forgotten that there's an Open 
Meeting tonight at 6-7pm in The Workstation mezzanine.

Furthermore, the following article has appeared in today's Star newspaper 
(Page 4):


Pop centre fight rages on internet

Spoof websites attack proposals

A war of words has been unleashed in cyberspace over development agency 
Yorkshire Forward's stewardship of the National Centre for Pop Music.

At least two spoof websites criticising proposals to hand the centre to 
Sheffield Hallam  University have appeared on the Internet, enraging 
Yorkshire Forward bosses.

Websites dubbed Yorkshire Backward and YF-Sucks brand the organisation 
secretive and bland.

They have appeared under different addresses, carrying updated criticisms of 
the agency.  It is not thought the sites were created by anyone involved in 
producing an alternative blueprint for the NCPM for the pressure group Pride 
In Sheffield.

But the sites echo the group's campaign and even include a story about a 
mouse called Pride which outsmarts a rampaging fat cat from Leeds.

Supporters claim they are satirical and called Yorkshire Forward's moves to 
ban them a block on freedom of speech.

Pride In Sheffield's Gareth Roberts said: "We fully support creative 
activity in Sheffield.  It's this type of thing that makes the city tick."

A Yorkshire Forward spokesman said: "We were made aware of the websites.  
And we have taken moves to protect the integrity of our own websites.  We 
were told about the Yorkshire Backward site and the YF Sucks site and were 
not aware they were back up and running."

Pride In Sheffield's business plan was handed to Yorkshire Forward this 

A decision on the future of the centre is expected next month.


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