[ncpm] PRIDE IN SHEFFIELD - Update and Request for assistance

  • From: "Pride In Sheffield" <prideinsheffield@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 15:32:11 +0000


The Hallam university have officially "entered negociations" to acquire the 
NCPM from Yorkshire Forward in order to turn it into a students union. Pride 
in Sheffield will be meeting with Yorkshire Forward and Sheffield One 
tommorrow to put forward the alternative business plan as developed by 
Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit on behalf of key 
organisations in the CIQ (B.tv, Modal, Showroom, Workstation etc.) We hope 
they will consider listening to our proposal. Thats it at the moment. 


Pride in Sheffield was established to campaign for a "postive and 
sustainable future for the National Centre for Popular Music as a public 
centre for cultural and creative activities."

Due to recent developments and a rapid progression of the campiagn we are 
looking for individuals and organisations who are willing to:

Work for free
Maintain enthusiasim for the aims of Pride in Sheffield
Committ themselves to the representation of the artistic communities of 
Ensure they remain reliable, honest and trustworthy
Ensure any personal agenda does not compromise the aims of the Pride in 
Sheffield campaign

DESIRABLE (One or more of the following)
Maintain the campaign group mailing list
Communicate on a regular basis with the campaign group via email and 
Maintain existing campaign activities
Organise and co-ordinate new and creative campaign activities
Organise and attend regular meetings for campaign organisers
Organise and attend regular PUBLIC meetings for the campaign group
Work effectively with the press and media to promote the Pride in Sheffield 
Speak and write on behalf of Pride in Sheffield
Apply their knowledge and understanding of the local cultural and creative 
industries sector to the benefit of the Pride in Sheffield campaign
Establish and develop positive relationships with key individuals in local 
and regional organisations
Conduct regular research (Press, internet, corporate literature etc.) to 
ensure campaign organisers can work with correct and up-to-date information

If anyone is interested in getting involved in the ways outlined above 
please can they email <prideinsheffield@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hope you are up for it. We're knackered and could really do with some help.  
All the best - Gareth.

PS. Keep an eye on the Star on a daily basis.

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