• From: "Marcus O'Hagan" <marcusoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ncpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 03:54:25 -0000

A photograph appeared on some inner inner page of the Star and there was a
really cynical editorial. I think we should all write to the editor and copy
the letters to here as a reference (count). the star and Tele are good at
not publishing some letters.
Of course the thing has to work, but by what standards of measurement? (and
that's just for starters)
If its purely on bean counter standards with conventional approaches it is
clearly going to be a v dif task.

Can we include volunteers? Yes
can we start a list now
name and ave time per week
times available
There has to be a responsible management and accounting system, and a wider
community of interest as a policy steering group. A charity, a board....
board membership and role / relationship with management and steering group
/ community of interest. Some one has to be responsible for insuring the
building, perhaps Yorkshire Forward. Are they prepared to continue to hold
the building? Let pride in Sheffield "run" it and pay all the bills? What?

But remember the club market is very fragile and very competitive, so that's
not some kind of automatic "winner" .
Mad idea (joke) - all Board members would have to audition!!! I'm sure that
would present some positive outcomes!
any other suggestions for membership of the board?
can we absolutely avoid anyone currently serving on any board in the CIQ?

Seriously though, all this will have to be in the business plan, so add some
comments. Please. ASAP  I have plenty more to say but do NOT want to
dominate this collective contribution to the rescue bid.
and there is much cleverness out there, and experience.
One thing I DO think is that the building should be used properly for the
time being. i.e. NOW, i.e. more than just the CIQDA and The drum - DRUM 1
Perhaps we could get a licence to use the building in the meantime.

Please write to the editor of the star

Point out that if that's all the star can contribute then thanks, but no

Pisses me off frankly - Sheffield press - thank you, very encouraging!!!

And I would like to remind all those who initially set up Pride in
Sheffield, that there was a phrase which I used, namely "the sacred chalice
of music" - I think we should try to keep that in mind and appreciate the
"bad name" that the NCPM has given to music (as something that is worth
having a national centre of, and can make a building like that important and
work). I understand that the failure must be annoying to musicians all over
the country. How dare a "national" centre for popular music fail!
Since time and especially since the Beatles! ho! UK music has had a huge
share of world markets and is a massive earner for the UK

if this failure had happened in say Manchester, I recon we in Sheffield
would be saying wot a load of plonkers! (or much worse)

We should (imho) have a ten year plan to provide a national visitor
attraction based on music, and all the related arts and technology, the
history and experience of music in a *cogniscent* or enriching AND enjoyable

there will be stepping stones and legs made to walk from one to another as
better foundations are laid down.

I talk too much

I'll get off and get on (as they say)


you'll find they fit you like a glove
when you look in your heart
and find a dove

lets work some magic, magic, magic
the scene is tragic tragic tragic

oh how can music fail?

(;oD)  sing out!!!

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