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outstanding good article

>Just a quick reminder in case anybody's forgotten that there's an Open
>Meeting tonight at 6-7pm in The Workstation mezzanine.
>Furthermore, the following article has appeared in today's Star newspaper
>(Page 4):
>Pop centre fight rages on internet
>Spoof websites attack proposals
>A war of words has been unleashed in cyberspace over development agency
>Yorkshire Forward's stewardship of the National Centre for Pop Music.
>At least two spoof websites criticising proposals to hand the centre to
>Sheffield Hallam  University have appeared on the Internet, enraging
>Yorkshire Forward bosses.
>Websites dubbed Yorkshire Backward and YF-Sucks brand the organisation
>secretive and bland.
>They have appeared under different addresses, carrying updated criticisms of
>the agency.  It is not thought the sites were created by anyone involved in
>producing an alternative blueprint for the NCPM for the pressure group Pride
>In Sheffield.
>But the sites echo the group's campaign and even include a story about a
>mouse called Pride which outsmarts a rampaging fat cat from Leeds.
>Supporters claim they are satirical and called Yorkshire Forward's moves to
>ban them a block on freedom of speech.
>Pride In Sheffield's Gareth Roberts said: "We fully support creative
>activity in Sheffield.  It's this type of thing that makes the city tick."
>A Yorkshire Forward spokesman said: "We were made aware of the websites.
>And we have taken moves to protect the integrity of our own websites.  We
>were told about the Yorkshire Backward site and the YF Sucks site and were
>not aware they were back up and running."
>Pride In Sheffield's business plan was handed to Yorkshire Forward this
>A decision on the future of the centre is expected next month.
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