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It's that time of year, boyz 'n' grrrlz, ladeez 'n' gentz, it's that time of 

But try not to take your eye off the ball.  I reckon this Christmas 
malarkey's just a capitalist wheeze cooked up by Yo-Fo and their dastardly 
bedfellows to distract us from their wicked ways ;o)

Read on and take heart...

Minutes of Monday's Pride In Sheffield Meeting as noted by Phil Proctor

Meeting Pride in Sheffield. Monday 16th December.

Who would have thought that 4 months down the line that Pride would have 
achieved so much. Our original objective was:

1)to call for a Public Meeting for public consultation about the future
  of the National Centre for Popular Music.
2)to influence the decision making process through the development of
  an alternative proposal to that of Sheffield Hallam Universities
  Students Union.

We also listed a number of (four) open meetings where anyone in Sheffield 
could come along and be part of the internal decision making of Pride in 

All our objectives have been achieved, and far greater than we had ever 
expected.  To be listed as potential Partners in Newco (see Matrix Proposal) 
indicates how seriously we have been taken.  Even Alison Nimmo, at a meeting 
recently recognised our significance, when she commented 'now maybe we can 
have a period of quiet discussion rather than everything played out before 
the local media....'.

Mondays meeting was a reporting back on the previous two weeks:

1)With Martin Havenhand (Chief Executive of YF) appearing before the 
Sheffield City Council Strategic Planning Scrutiny Board on Thursday 5th 
December. Historic but a damp squib, as the City Councillors failed to hold 
him to account for the past.  He did though throughout his speech give away 
a lot of coded messages on the way forward.  Primarily Yorkshire 
Forward/Sheffield One want Pride/Cultural Consortium(?) to start talking 
with Sheffield Hallam.  Nothing though has changed.  They still expect 
Hallam to buy/own the building.  But at least we can open up possible ways 

2)Gareth and Phil met Alex Pettifer, directly after MH, at the DLA Christmas 
Party (wow!!!) who demanded we met with him so 'we' could start talking with 
Hallam.  He literally ran/hobbled across the room to get to us.

3)At the same event we met Martin Kelly of the Royal Bank of Scotland and 
asked him for a loan of £2.5 million. He said 'Come and talk'.

4)Gareth and Phil met with Alison Nimmo on Friday 6th December and asked for 
advice/guidance on the way forward.  What constitutes 'due diligence' and 
how do we get better finance figures from YF to tighten up our financial 
projections.  Sadly a letter to Bill Barker fails to respond to both these 
requests. (Who's playing what games now?).

So a lot happened in less than 24 hours.  We actually took the next week to 
recover.  We needed time to rethink the way forward.  We being Pride and the 
Cultural Consortuim.  Thankfully the Peppermint Elephant grabbed all the 
headlines and no-one noticed we had gone quiet.

The rest of the meeting revolved around the way forward.  Various people 
were having to step back from their involvement from Pride with pressing 
work commitments.  They would still be involved but not as much as before.  
And that there was now the need to ensure that the necessary work that 
needed to be done for the January YF meeting would get done (date unknown as 
yet) as well as other necessary activities to get us through to the YF Board 
Meeting on January 31st.

In the cold light of day Pride has achieved a remarkable amount in a short 
space of time with minimal resources.  We've directly challenged Sheffield 
City Council, Sheffield One and Yorkshire Forward, who collectively have a 
total spend of over £1,500,000,000 spend a year. Hallam at £230,000,000 is a 
minnow compared to where we've been.  Hallam is now the focus of our 
campaign and our future.


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