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Never mind the beeb. Their journalism is so lazy and loaded that this passes 
as truth:

'And so a landmark building in the heart of Sheffield stood empty, its shiny 
metal panels gradually losing their lustre.'

Can't disagree with the last part - but 'empty'??

Seems we are REQUIRED to forget CMA's The Drum, Modal, BTV, XL, Barfly,
those other club nights etc etc etc - and even the CIQA...

More happened at the NCPM during this phase then at any other! More people 
passed through the building than when the exhibitions were open... There was 
POTENTIAL - and now it's a closed shop offering tawdry lip service. (Yes - 
I'm still miffed.)

Only lack of imagination and background sleaze prevented these strands from 
progressing - and with significant community support which is now alienated 
and embittered thanks to all the corruption and fake process.

This is post-war propaganda for the 'restructure' chaps. Pathetic and

Annnnnyway --- What was all that fuss about drawing up a plan for new
content for the building?? You can do it online! Come on fellow students of 
farce and feebleness: - Design an NCPM!! Go here and click: -


**Your Student Union Your Views!

Seems that the Union's democratic initiative is well up on what we're
currently used to. They're even having a focus group!

But where's the non-student input coming from?

Sheffield Hallam's John Palmer is optimistic.

"We think it will help put the fizz and sparkle back into this part of the 
city and help with the regeneration of the Cultural Industries Quarter," he 

"It's great to see some life coming back into it, AND IT BEING USED BY THE 

Does he mean that we can have a job in the canteen or what???? Cracking! I 
might get an NVQ...

Come on people! If this really is not a total University grab on our
'flagship' then why are only students being asked for their ideas?

If we really want to "make sure of a broader partnership" then we'd better 
start speaking up, because we surely are not going to be asked.

Or shall we leave it to the professionals to make sure it's on the agenda?

Mr Alf

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