[ncpm] Had enough of Hallam University yet? So have we - join the rally!

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 15:13:29 +0100 (CET)

We're back in business!


Join the televised rally at 6pm on the 14th Feb at The National Centre For 
Popular Music, when Hallam will be re-opening the centre as a students union. 
The NCPM was built from lottery funding, so its true ownership is that of the 
people. The BBC have questioned Hallam on the validity of the sale, including 
the 20 million (est.) it cost to build and the 1.4 million they bought it for. 
The questions will continue until we have the centre back. It is your heritage, 
YOU OWN A PART OF IT ! Hallam has convinced most of Sheffield they were doing 
us a favour by buying it - RUBBISH! They are putting many people out of 
business, completely abusing their monopoly and far worse. The building should 
be used to promote music / radio / film / artistic media for the people of 

For further information / updates, please keep visiting the website 
www.rage-against-hallam.co.uk The rally will take place at 6pm on the 14th Feb 
at the NCPM Paternoster Row opposite the Workstation / Sound Control. Fancy 
dress optional!

Many companies and individuals are involved, and the list is rapidly growing. 
You may wish to put a link on the site to show your support. Your support does 
not necessarily need to be concerned with the NCPM, it could be about any of 
the problems concerning Hallam, whether historical or new. Just send an email 
with your link details.

Or, you may have something juicy to tell us, as many other companies and 
individuals have. What's your story? How have you been affected by Hallam? No 
matter how small, Email us and let us know, you will receive complete 
anonymity, Or you may wish to go public like so many of us !

Anything you wish to put on the site, please, please, be very clear of what it 
is you want to say. Anything which is written soley for us (for our ears only) 
please make that clear also (If you could highlight pertinant areas of interest 
to enable us to get to the crux of the matters quickly that would be helpfull) 
Many of you mention other companies, where you feel facts need to be brought to 
light. We are aware of some of these, and dealing with hundreds of documents 
already, plus material that constantly comes in. I'm afraid we can only deal 
with a certain amount of issues at one time in order to make sure we are 
effective in our aims, please be patient.

It is important to establish certain facts, more facts are coming to light with 
new material (so please keep sending it,no matter how small). All this work has 
to be done meticulously to be effective, and solicitors are not the quickest of 
people. It WILL - take time.

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